This Belgrade to Sarajevo via Visegrad transfer tour combines two services. Transfer from Belgrade to Sarajevo (or vice versa) with visits to several attractions along the way. List of the places you will visit is long: Gate of Podrinje, Drina River House, Sargan Eight Train, Bridge Over Drina in Višegrad and Andrićgrad. #YourSerbiaHost will be your driver and a licensed tour guide at the same time. This transfer tour is recommended for those who want to get to Sarajevo using the scenic route. Please have in mind that this tour is only available from April to October. If you are on a tighter schedule, but you still want to have a tourist-like experience, then you should opt-in for Belgrade to Sarajevo via Novi Sad Transfer Tour.

Measures we take on tours to reduce risks against Coronavirus - COVID-19 (click to read more)


Attractions of West Serbia and East Bosnia
✓ Private transfer
Train & boat ride
✓ Safe & reliable vehicles
Nature and history
✓ Adjustable schedule

Flow of Belgrade to Sarajevo via Visegrad Transfer Tour 2023

#YourSerbiaHost will pick you up at the address of your hotel or other location in the city of Belgrade (or in Sarajevo if you choose to take vice versa trip). Usual start time is 8am.

First stop will be the Gate of Podrinje viewpoint. Right after that is the famous Drina River House, which sits on the rock in the middle of the river. This will be an ideal photo and coffee break after a long drive from Belgrade. Further, we’ll take you to Mokra Gora town to get on the Sargan Eight Train. Train operates April to October and is subject to availability. We will secure train tickets for the 13:30 departure on your behalf.

Once you cross to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Serbia we’ll take you to Višegrad. Here you can take a boat ride on Drina River to get the best views from all angles to the famous Drina River Bridge. You’ll get to explore Andrićgrad, another attraction in Višegrad. Here you can also have a lunch break. We’ll recommend a place with Ćevapi, Bosnia style.

After all the attractions and activities we’ll take you straight to Sarajevo. You’ll reach Sarajevo in the late evening.

Good to Know

Fit the transfer tour to match your needs
Tour plan and time frame in this description is not fixed. If you want to have this tour customized or you are traveling on a tight schedule, let us know.
Tour language
Default language of the tour is English, but if you require #YourSerbiaHost can also give you tour in Russian, German, French, Spanish and of course Serbian.
How to get in touch
There are several ways to reach us. By pressing “Send inquiry” button on the top right of this page (or at the bottom of the page if you are using mobile device). Through our Contact page, or calling our Phone|WhatsApp|Viber number +38163684466.
Important info
All travelers must have valid passports. It is traveler’s soul responsibility to comply with customs regulations considering luggage, cash and personal belongings
Opposite direction
This Belgrade to Sarajevo transfer tour can be done in the opposite direction, from Sarajevo to Belgrade with the same sightseeing stops.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions on your side
  1. Please respect social distancing rules all the time (at least 1m, or 2m when possible)
  2. Please wear face cover while in the vehicle or other closed space (if you don’t have your own, we will provide)
  3. If you develop any respiratory infection symptoms before, during or after the tour, please let us know.
  4. When coughing or sneezing please use tissues or your elbow as cover
  5. Wash hands with soap and water whenever possible, but especially after use of toilet, before and after meals.
Booking the tour
Easiest way to to book this tour is to use our online booking and payment system. As soon as you click on “Book now” button bellow you’ll start reservation process over encrypted connection. If you need another way to book the tour Contact us.
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Available departures

This is a daily cruise.

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Price information

Transfer prices (prices are per transfer, not per person):
1-3 persons 495€
4-5 persons 595€
6-8 persons 650€
Services included in the price:
English speaking guide/driver
Door-to-door pickup and drop-off
Tour organization
Bottled water during journey
Single-use surgical face mask if you don't have your own
What is extra:
Meals and admission fees
Personal expenses