If you find ancient and fortified cities appealing, then we have two of them not to far from Belgrade. In just one day you can experience medieval capital of Serbia – Smederevo and ancient Roman city –  Viminacium. Both of them reflect significant period of history, Smederevo as the last capital of Serbia before final fall into Ottoman’s hands and Viminacium as the capital of Roman province Upper Mesia which consisted of significant parts of today’s Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

We are meeting at arranged place in the morning hours and after an hour and a half drive we reach our first point – Viminacium. Today Viminacium is an archaeological site in the open, and tries to present what once was a capital of Roman province Upper Mesia. Viminacium used to be spread on 440 hectares of land and river Danube in antic time was passing aside it, nowadays Danube is 3,5km away. During the two hour visit you’ll experience Roman necropolis, antic therme and fortified walls of military camp – Porta Praetoria. In newly built Domus Scientarium you’ll enjoy exhibition of artworks and findings from the site. From the local guide you’ll hear stories about the most glorious times of Viminacium when they were minting their own money and about periods of descent and devastation when plague, barbaric tribes and decadency destroyed its glory. Nevertheless Viminacium lasted for six centuries. Last stop in Viminacium is Mammoth Park where remains of skeletons of mammoths are displayed in authentic environment which will return us back to prehistoric times. The highlight of this exhibition is mammoth Vika whose fully preserved skeleton is one of the few in the world.

From ancient period we are travelling back to the future, to the XV century and medieval Serbia in 1439 when Smederevo fortress was finished. The fortress is considered to be one of the biggest medieval fortresses in Europe. The reason for its construction was the need of ruler of Serbia, despot Djuradj Brankovic, to build the capital which will be close to Hungarian border, which was the river Danube, and as far as possible from Turks, who were raising threat to Serbian state. So, position of Smederevo was ideal, surrounded by two rivers, Jezava and Danube it was impossible to conquer. The fortress was very well preserved until 6th of June 1941 when major ammunition explosion blew up most of the Big Town, on that occasion over 2500 people killed and 3500 were wounded. The fortress was used for storing ammunition, petrol and all other flammable materials by German order when they occupied Yugoslavia back in 1941. After that disaster the Big Town was never recovered into its original state.

After medieval time and XX century we are returning to the present and from Smederevo we are going to nearby restaurant for a lunch. For those who are interested in local wine we can organize visit to local wineries Jeremić or Janko.

We return to Belgrade in the late afternoon.

Journey plan given in this tour description is not fixed, it’s just result of our perception of most interesting points on this route and result of our own experience. In any moment we can alter the route and adjust it to interests and wishes of travellers.


June 10, 2015
We booked two last-minute tours with Serbian Private Day Tours. We had a great time, thanks to our guide Miljan. He's the ideal tour guide: friendly, knowledgeable, and he knows exactly which spots are worth visiting. We had a terrific time. Couldn't be happier with our decision to go with Serbian Private Tours

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Oded&Nitza Sharon
July 19, 2014
Miljan is the best guide that we met in our tours (we made a lot of tours all over the world with guide) the visit in Serbia was very interesting enjoing and unforgettable becouse of Miljan and Serbian Private Tours, he is very kind person, take care for evrything, very intelligent and have wide knowlage about the tours. We thank Miljan the wonderful time we spend with him in Serbia.

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