Embark on a remarkable journey through Serbia’s history as you visit three iconic fortresses along the Danube. Our Ram, Golubac, and Smederevo Fortress Tour offers a captivating blend of historical discovery, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable cultural experiences. If you want to take a deeper exploration of the Iron Gates, take a look at our Iron Gates and Lepenski Vir Tour.

What to Expect from the Ram, Golubac and Smederevo Fortress Tour in 2023/2024

Expect to unearth the history, majesty, and natural beauty of Serbia on this incredible tour. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates a nice day out, this journey has something for everyone. You’ll also drive through an unusual Silver Lake resort, built by “Gastarbeiters” at the oxbow lake.


✓ Ram: Explore the “newest” fortress
✓ Private guide
Golubac: Uncover its stories and legends
✓ Optional boat ride
Smederevo: Capital of the medieval Serbia
✓ Available year round

Tour Flow

Your adventure begins as #YourSerbiaHost picks you up from your hotel in the morning, typically around 9 am. Our first stop is the captivating Ram Fortress, nestled on the banks of the Danube. As you wander through its ancient walls and towers, you’ll be transported back in time, absorbing tales of its historical significance. This recently renovated fortress is yet to be discovered by travelers, so be one the first to explore this still secret gem.

Next, we’ll journey to Golubac Fortress or Golubac Castle as often referred to, a 13th-century gem guarding the entrance to the Iron Gates. While exploring its towers and passages, you’ll gain a profound appreciation for its historical importance and architectural splendor. Both the town and the fortress overlook the widest point of Danube on its entire stretch. Note that the fortress is closed on Mondays, so if you book the tour for a Monday, we can only take a short photo stop beside the road.

The tour culminates at Smederevo Fortress, one of Europe’s largest and most impressive medieval fortresses. As you explore the last capital of medieval Serbia, you’ll be immersed in the stories of its past and its pivotal role in Serbian history. Here you’ll learn about the reasons why the fortified city was built on this particular location.

Optional Boat Ride – This option is only available April to October, weather dependent

For those eager to experience the Danube from a different perspective, an optional 1 hour boat ride around Golubac Fortress can be booked. Glide across the tranquil waters of the Danube, encircling the magnificent fortress as you take in its grandeur from the river. This serene boat journey offers a unique vantage point to appreciate the beauty of Golubac Fortress, mostly thanks to the stories the boat captain has in his sleeves.

After all the excitement and experiences you’ll stop for a deserved lunch break in a local restaurant. Return to Belgrade is expected around 5 or 6pm

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Good to Know

Fit the tour to match your needs
Tour plan given in this description is not fixed, it’s just result of our perception of most interesting points on this route and result of our own experience. If you want to have this tour customized, let us know.
Tour language
Default language of the tour is English, but if you require #YourSerbiaHost can also give you tour in Russian, German, French, Spanish and of course Serbian.
How to get in touch
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions on your side
  1. Please respect social distancing rules all the time (at least 1m, or 2m when possible)
  2. Please wear face cover while in the vehicle or other closed space (if you don’t have your own, we will provide)
  3. If you develop any respiratory infection symptoms before, during or after the tour, please let us know.
  4. When coughing or sneezing please use tissues or your elbow as cover
  5. Wash hands with soap and water whenever possible, but especially after use of toilet, before and after meals.
Booking the tour
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Copyright policy

Available departures

This is a daily tour.

Details on prices and services

Tour prices (prices are per tour, not per person):
1-3 persons 299€
4-6 persons 359€
7-8 persons 499€
9-19 persons 799€
Services included in the price:
Pickup and drop-off
Driver/guide service
Bottled water
Single-use surgical face mask if you don't have your own
Tour organization
What is extra:
Admission for Golubac Fortress ~5,5€ per person
Admission for Ram Fortress ~2,5€ per person
Admission for Smederevo Fortress ~2€ per person
Lunch ~15€ per person*
Optional 1h boat ride is 15€ per person. NOTE that this is a shared boat ride and it depends on minimal number of passengers, as well as on weather conditions.
Personal expenses and gratuities
* Price shown is an average price for lunch per person based on restaurant’s menu, but it can vary depending on guest’s demands for food and drinks.