On this page you can find answers to most frequently asked questions concerning tour booking, prices, services etc. If you can’t find your question on our FAQ list please send it using our contact form or send an email to [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible. If we find your question useful for other visitors we will add it to our FAQ list together with adequate answer.

1. What are private tours?

Private tours are travels designed for small groups of people up to dozen persons who do not want to be part of mass, routine tourism, but want travel tailored to their needs, interests and temperament.

2. To whom are private tours intended?

To individuals, couples, families, groups of friends, business people, study groups… To all of those who want to explore and meet countries in manner which mass tourism or self-organized travel is not allowing.

3. Is price given per person or per tour?

Prices for multi-day tour packages and for shared group tours are given per person. While all other prices are shown per tour. In this “per tour” price category there are four subcategories depending on number of people: 1-3; 4-6; 7-8; 9-19. Example: If you book a tour for 4-6 persons, price is the same no matter if you are a group of four, five or six people.

4. How are tours conducted depending on number of people?

1-3 persons: with mid-size car
4-6 persons: with seven seats minivan
7-8 persons: with nine seats van
9-19 persons: with mini-bus

5. What is the language of our communication if I don’t speak Serbian?

All our driver/guides (or as we call them #YourSerbiaHost) are fluent in English, but some of us can give you tour in Spanish, French, Russian or German. Just inquire before booking, so we could confirm availability.

6. Is it possible to change accommodation given in the tour description?

Yes of course, you just need to send us a request by email and we will suggest available alternatives together with the info on the price for such accommodation.

7. What options do I have for payment?

There are several ways to make payment for your chosen tour:
–  Online with credit cards
–  Bank transfer
–  In cash

8. Can I create a tour of my own?

Of course, send us your wish or detailed tour request and we will respond with precise offer and detailed itinerary.

9. How can I pay online for tour created on my request?

Very simple. When you accept our offer we will design tour webpage which will be visible only to you, there you will be able to make payment with your credit card. Or you can use regular bank transfer based on our payment instructions.

10. If I want different accommodation than one already included in the itinerary, will that affect the price of the tour?

Since accommodation is not included in the price of all tours (it’s included only in multi-day packages), altering it won’t affect the price of the tour unless you choose place which significantly increases time frame or mileage provided with the original itinerary. In that case you’ll be informed about price change and the amount.

11. What is included in tour price?

Each tour has a table at the end of tour description holding specification of what’s included in the price and what are extra costs. Costs included in tour price cover all persons comprised by the tour, while extra costs are given per person.

12. Are tours available throughout the year?

Season for us at Serbian Private Tours is in period 15.4 – 31.10. during the calendar year, and in this period you can make reservation for all of our tours using online service, out of this period there is limited number of tours bookable online. For others please send an inquiry.

13. Is it possible to arrange for different start and end point of a tour elsewhere except Belgrade?

Of course, tour can start and end at any address in Republic of Serbia or surrounding countries, with tour price correction depending on distance from Belgrade, since headquarter of SPT is in Belgrade. If you have such request, please send us an inquiry before making a reservation so we could give you precise offer and payment instructions.

14. How long in advance should I book a tour?

The sooner the better, because it reduces possibility that term is already reserved or that accommodation capacities we use for tours with overnight are booked. Anyway, tours can be booked only few days in advance, it’s desirable at least seven days before, for tours with overnight, while for single day tours it’s fine to make reservation two or three days upfront. Of course, if you want to book a tour in a short notice, today for tomorrow, please contact us before you make reservation so we could confirm availability.

15. What is personal safety level in Belgrade and Serbia?

Personal safety in Belgrade and elsewhere in Serbia is on a very high level. You can feel completely comfortable no matter if wondering streets of Belgrade in the middle of the night, or exploring countryside of Serbia. Street crime in Serbia is still on a low level. Of course, like anywhere else you shouldn’t be reckless and you should pay attention to your money or valuables, because there are people looking to take advantage of reckless tourists. For more information please read our article

16. Can I apply for Serbian visa using SPT tour reservation?

No, in order to apply for Serbian visa at Republic of Serbia authority, you need different type of documents such as hotel reservation or tourism voucher. Our reservation receipts are not valid in terms of obtaining Serbian visa. In addition to that, we do not issue hotel reservations nor vouchers.

17. How can I book and pay online?

It’s a straightforward procedure and it has only few steps:
1) Go to the tour page which you want to book.
2) On each tour page you’ll find “Book now” button at the right side of the page, under the tour prices (if you are browsing from your mobile device click on the tab “Price information” and you’ll find the “Book now” button at the bottom of the page).
3) Check the Terms&Conditions box and press “Book now” button.
4) In the newly open box window select date of your tour from the calendar and press the “(Time)AM, usual starting time, can be customized” tab below to continue.
5) During the next step, select type of the tour price depending on the number of people traveling by clicking “Add” button in front of price group category, then press “Continue”.
6) Please fill-in needed data: gender, first name, last name, telephone number (needed for contact prior the tour), address, country and place of your stay in Belgrade. If you have any additional info, please state it in the “Additional message” box (any information you consider important for successful tour realization), press “Checkout button” (or “Continue shopping” button if you want to add more tours to the Cart).
7) Checkout window will give you short overview on selected tour, date and price, add email address and continue to payment by clicking “Pay Now” button.
8) Enter your credit card details and press “Pay now” button.
9) It’s done, you’ll receive booking confirmation to the email address you have stated during the process.

18. What is the usual starting time of tour?

Private tours
Usually tours start at 9am or 10am, but it’s a private tour after all, you can ask for another starting time at the moment of booking. We are flexible.

Shared tours
All shared tours have fixed starting times. Starting time is indicated in the tour description and it can’t be changed.