Discover the Biggest Canyon in Europe: Natural and Cultural Adventure in the Stunning Iron Gates Gorge

Dive into a two-day journey through the Iron Gate Gorge, blending history, adventure, and breathtaking scenery without the hassle of planning or logistics with your private guide taking care about all the details and making unforgettable experience.


Tour in a Glance

Day and a half
Driven and walking
Seasonal, 15.4-31.10.
Requires reasonable level of fitness


What to Expect From the Iron Gate Gorge Hike and Boat Ride Tour in 2024

Expect to meet in-depth the Iron Gate Gorge and to discover its major highlights. First day is about exploring the cultural goods like amazing Golubac Fortress and Lepenski Vir archeological site. Also you’ll experience the thrill of a boat ride through the most interesting part of the gorge. Second day is reserved for hiking and enjoying the pristine nature and panoramic views over the Iron Gates  from its highest point. If you want to explore this area in more leisure way then try Iron Gate Gorge and Highlights of East Serbia tour.


  • Explore Europe’s biggest gorge and discover its attractions, starting with Golubac Fortress, which guards the entrance to the Iron Gates since ancient times.
  • Experience the thrill of hiking through the Iron Gate Gorge with a guide, ascending to the summit of Veliki štrbac (768m), and marvel at panoramic views of the gorge below.
  • Embark on a unique boat ride with local captain along the Danube, exploring the majestic Mali and Veliki Kazan ravines, while unraveling the secrets of ancient Roman history carved into the gorge’s cliffs.
  • Meet Europe’s earliest organized settlement at Lepenski Vir, dating back to 8000 BC, and discover the fascinating lifestyle of the Lepen man, considered the cradle of European civilization.

First Day

On the first day #YourSerbiaHost will pick you up from your hotel or other place of your stay in Belgrade (usual start time is 9am). From there you’ll continue together in the direction of East Serbia and its most attractive landmark – Iron Gate Gorge.

First stop is Golubac Fortress and the drive to here is less than two hours. The fortress has a very long history, in fact such a long history that it’s unknown when and who originally built it. It guards the entrance to the gorge and it had strategic importance all the way until the end of WWI. Today it’s the most notable landmark of the Iron Gates. Please note that the fortress is closed on Mondays, so if your tour starts on a Monday, we will visit it on the following day on the way back if the schedule permits.

Some 50km down the gorge is the next stop, prehistoric settlement Lepenski Vir, dating from 8000 BC. Here you’ll see and learn how Lepen man lived in the first organized settlement in Europe. It’s believed by modern archaeology that this area was the cradle of European civilization, since the climate here was mild and favorable for life in the open.

It’ll be lunch time after sightseeing. We’ll take a break in the authentic village homestead Captain Misa’s Hill where hospitable family Stefanović will serve local food in their well kept yard with the most beautiful view over Danube.

After lunch it is time to get on a boat with Captain Boban to experience the Danube from water. Most beautiful parts of the gorge are Mali and Veliki Kazan ravines. On one side of the river you’ll have an unique opportunity to climb to the old Roman memorial, Tabula Traiana. While on the opposite side is a huge sculpture of Dacian king Decibel carved in the stone. You’ll learn why “Decebal Rex Dragan Fecit” is carved below the sculpture.

When you finish with this two hour boat ride we’ll take you further down the river until the gorge’s exit and the town Kladovo where you’ll spend the night in the cozy Hotel Aquastar Danube****.

Second Day

On the second day you’ll leave Kladovo after breakfast and you’ll return to the gorge. We’ll meet the ranger from the national park who will be the guide during the Iron Gate Gorge hike. Hiking trail goes from the main road all the way to the highest peak of mountain Miroč, Veliki štrbac (768m). The starting point is only 90m above sea level, so the altitude difference to overcome is almost 700m.

During the hike you’ll pass through an area called Ploče which has three viewpoints worth visiting. Even though the altitude of those viewpoints is around 350m, they are still considered to offer the most breathtaking views over the gorge. Configuration of the path and surroundings will change during the hike and you can expect to see some of the national park’s wildlife, such as deer, eagles, wild boars and roe deer.

Time needed for the Iron Gate Gorge hike is around five to six hours, depending on the pace and your physical fitness. Terrain configuration varies so regular hiking equipment, such as hiking shoes and poles are recommended.

Upon return to the starting point of the hiking trail you’ll continue the trip along the Danube. This time in the opposite direction, upstream till the town of Golubac. Here you’ll relax over lunch and summarize our two-day tour on the terrace of restaurant Zlatna Ribica at the point where Danube is the widest on its entire stretch (6km from side to side).

After lunch we’ll take you straight to Belgrade, which you’ll reach in the evening.

Useful information

Hiking trail length ~15km
Time needed for the hike ~5h
Elevation difference ~700m
Level of difficulty Intermediate
Required gear Hiking footwear and adequate wardrobe with ideally few changes, hiking poles can come handy but not the necessity
Additional information We’ll provide water and a few energy bars, you just bring backpack

Good to know

We’ve designed this tour based on our insights and experiences of the route’s highlights. For a customized tour, just let us know your preferences.
Default language of the tour is English, but if you require #YourSerbiaHost can also give you tour in Russian, German, French, Spanish and of course Serbian – Subject to availability.
There are several ways to reach us. By pressing “Send inquiry” button on the top right of this page (or at the bottom of the page if you are using a mobile device). Through our Contact page, or calling our Phone|WhatsApp|Viber number +38163684466.
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Details on prices and services

Tour prices (prices are per tour, not per person):
1-3 persons 759€
4-6 persons 859€
7-8 persons 1199€
9-19 persons 1799€
Services included in the price:
Pickup and drop-off
Driver/guide service
Boat ride
National park entrance fee
Tour organization
Water and energy bars during hike
Single-use surgical face mask if you don't have your own
Additional cost 90€ per person and includes following:
Admission for Golubac Fortress and Lepenski Vir
BB service in 4* hotel in Kladovo
Lunches both days*
*Price includes food and one drink, additional drinks guests pay on their own.