This Devil’s Town and Nis tour is a combination of two different activities. Urban tour of Niš (Nish) enriched with history and local lifestyle, plus wandering through the isolated nature of Devil’s Town. If you want just an “isolated in the nature” experience in this part of Serbia, try our Balkan Mountain Hike tour.

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What to Expect From the Devil’s Town And Nis Tour in 2023

Expect to experience a completely different Serbia than the one you have seen so far. South of Serbia is anyway near to Belgrade or Novi Sad in every sense. Niš, even though it is the third biggest in Serbia, reflects a different mentality and lifestyle. Devil’s Town as a unique natural phenomenon is a great opportunity to escape to a secluded and intact part of Serbia.


✓ Day trip to South Serbia
✓ Private guide
Devil’s Town
✓ Skull Tower
Urban and rural
✓ Activity in nature

Tour Flow

#YourSerbiaHost will pick you up from your Belgrade hotel, or other place of your stay early in the morning (usual start time is 8am). The road goes through Morava River Valley all the way. The valley is known as the only natural passage through Balkan peninsula, and as such, the reason for many conquests in history. In the present day, a modern highway is running through it and we’ll use it all the way to Niš.


After a two hour drive you’ll be in Niš, the administrative and economy center of South Serbia. The city has a long history, way back from Roman times. Places to visit in Niš are the Skull Tower, a notorious reminder of Ottoman atrocities during their reign, as well as Niš Fortress and the city center with its lively and colorful “tinkers alley”. If you are more interested in WWII history and memorials, we can adapt the itinerary and take you to the Red Cross Concentration Camp and to Bubanj Hill Memorial where the prisoners from the concentration camp were executed. Note that both the Skull Tower and Red Cross Concentration Camp are closed on Mondays.

Devil’s Town

From Niš you’ll continue to Devil’s Town. This unique place in the world is actually a rare natural phenomenon caused by soil erosion. Number of soil figures is 202 and their height varies from 2 to 15 meters. Many legends and folk stories are related to the name and place itself. During winter and fall, when strong winds blow, a specific roar is formed from air passing through soil figures. All of these combined together resulted in the name Devil’s Town.

Time required to explore the site can take up to two hours, depending on your pace and fitness. The walk through the site is very close to hiking, consider this when picking wardrobe and footwear.

Part of each tour is a local food experience. This one is no different. You’ll stop at a nearby family owned tavern for lunch.

After enjoying an abundant meal, get ready for the journey back to Belgrade. Napping is allowed. You’ll be back to Belgrade around 8pm.

Good to Know

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One comment

February 28, 2013
Too bad we didn`t know for you seven year ago when Tim and I came to visit Serbia for the first time. It wasn`t an ordinary tour for us since our father was born near Kursumlija some 80 year ago. Too cut the long and sentimental story short, we learned for The Devils Town in one bookstore in Belgrade and we decided to go there since we already had plans to visit Kursumlija. Well, it was not that easy to find it, but I can tell you it was worth the trouble! What a place! We had a great time even though it was raining all the way. So glad that we found you (It seems Google ads did the job :), we now have apprx. one year to decide which one of your tours to book! See you guys in June 2014!! VOLIM TI SRBIJA! :)

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Admission for the Devil's Town ~3€ per person
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