In March of ’99 NATO alliance undertook an airstrike campaign against SR Yugoslavia whose capital was Belgrade. During 78 days of the campaign, NATO bombing in Belgrade caused severe casualties and damage. Both to military and civilian objectives. Scars from 24 years ago are still visible around the city and those are obvious reminders of one aggressive policy which still travels the globe.

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What to Expect From the Tour Scars of NATO Bombing in Belgrade in 2023/24

With this private tour you will understand better what were the reasons for the campaign against Yugoslavia in the first place. You’ll hear shocking life stories from your guide who witnessed life under NATO bombing in Belgrade at the time. During the tour we will take you to several sites where traces of bombing are still visible or to sites which had significance during the campaign. The guide will show you original photos from 1999 of the bomb sites. If you find this topic too difficult or stressful, then we suggest a more easy going Belgrade city tour Belgrade For Beginners Tour.


Bombed sites
✓ Private guide
RTS Building
✓ Ministry of Defense
Actual stories
✓ Original photos

Tour Flow

#YourSerbiaHost will pick you up from your address in the city (usual start time 10am) and he’ll take you to the first stop of the tour, RTS – Radio Television of Serbia.

RTS – Radio Television of Serbia

Here you’ll hear the story about the night when 16, mostly young people, got killed during the night shift. There is an original building still standing on the site, unrepaired, as a memorial to this disastrous event.

Ministry of Defense

This is the most common site on various photos related to NATO bombing in Belgrade. The Ministry of Defense is still reminder on the night of 29th of April 1999 when many military objectives were hit. As a consequence of this action one person lost its life and many civilian buildings in the vicinity were damaged.

Central Committee of Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Business center Ušće stands today on the same skeleton of the original construction and with the same appearance of the original building of CK of Communist Party of Yugoslavia. You’ll learn why this building was NATO missile proof back in 1999.

Chinese Embassy

Probably the most controversial bombing site in Belgrade from the ’99 campaign. The Embassy was allegedly bombed as a result of an intelligence mistake, but it’s suspected it had a completely different purpose. Whatever the reasons were, four Chinese citizens died on the night of 7th of May 1999.

Hotel Yugoslavia

The hotel was once the pride of Yugoslavian hospitality industry. Completed in the late 60s it was the biggest and most luxurious hotel in the region. On the same night when the Chinese Embassy was hit, Hotel Yugoslavia was bombed with three missiles in order to eliminate the seat of the paramilitary group. It eliminated one guest of the hotel.

Air Force Command Building

Final spot on the tour is the Command Building of Yugoslavian Air Force at the time. This 1935 edifice represented a pearl of Yugoslavian and Serbian architecture. As a strategic objective it was hit with two missiles on 5th of April 1999.

After the formal itinerary is completed we will take you to one of Zemun’s cafes to summarize impressions (optional). After the tour, you’ll be taken to your drop-off point.

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Maurice Hickey
September 2, 2023
It was very informative and interesting to hear Miljan's comments, the innocent recipients of bombing always have a different perspective from the politicians and media who initiate or facilitate these actions, and it was good to here a cogent alternative to the news we are sold back in Australia.

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Marcello T
August 2, 2021
We took the Scars of Nato Bombing in Belgrade tour with Miljan. Miljan was friendly and informative, and was extremely knowledgeable in a way that went beyond just the reciting of facts. I cannot think of a time where I learned so much, and had such a great time learning as I did on this trip. I would highly recommend this tour, as well as any other tour offered by Serbian Private Tours.

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Panchito V
June 27, 2021
The Scars of NATO tour is not to be missed. As someone from the main NATO country, I needed to see what my and the other countries did to Belgrade and New Belgrade. You will be moved. Bojan was an excellent guide. He is a self described history nerd and will fill you in about the facts and some of the theories behind many unverified parts of the NATO operation and response from the Yugoslav government. Bojan even took me for a homemade treat after the tour so we could debrief. Thanks so much!!!

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.


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