For many travelers experiencing a destination includes learning about its wine. And the best way to do so is to explore the country’s wine routes.  Serbia officially has 9 wine regions which logically creates 9 different wine routes of Serbia. However, not all of the regions are equally suitable for wine tourism. Reasons for that are different, but we won’t elaborate those further. We will focus on the ones which have something to offer to a wine traveler.

A Short Historical Context Of Serbian Wine Making

As a foreigner you probably never had an idea that wine made in Serbia is of a good quality (some say excellent), on top of it, you maybe had no idea that it’s been made here at all. Just to give you a context of Serbian winemaking, we’ll share a short overview on the history of local viticulture.

History of wine production in the territory of nowadays Serbia reaches far into the past. First traces of wine making in this area can be found in the Iron Age, while in the AD period winemaking got momentum in the Roman era under the reign of Emperor Probus who planted vines on the slopes of today’s Fruška Gora. As far as the Serbian medieval state is concerned, the flourishing of wine making occurred during the Nemanjić dynasty (12th to 15th century) and it rose until the Turkish conquests. During the Ottoman reign wine making was in crisis, since Islam forbids alcohol usage. With liberation from the Ottomans winemaking again had its revival and during the 19th and 20th century real blooming of Serbian viticulture occurred.

Thanks to its geographical position and varied terrain Serbia has fantastic natural conditions for growing grapes and excellent wines production.

Wine Regions

If you are really eager to know which are the wine regions in Serbia, we enclose the below list.

Wine Tours In Serbia

We have two types of tours which are wine related. First ones are dedicated Wine Tours in Serbia where everything is about wine. The second one are day-trips or multi-day tours where wine and gastronomy is part of the experience.

In the first category we have developed following wine tours:

While in the second there are many tours which combine nature, history, culture with wine and gastronomy, but we will recommend a couple of the most unique ones:

We in Serbian Private Tours see Serbia as a land of wine which is still not recognized as such. So our aim is to improve the image of Serbia on the world wine tourism map.

If you would like to have your own tailored wine route experience, please click on the “Send Inquiry” button or drop us an email to [email protected], and we will respond with our suggestion of itinerary and price.

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Steven Runge
June 10, 2015
Great experience and informative wine tour. We visited three wine yards with testing.Our guide, Vladislav, was punctual, flexible and knowledgeable. We learned a lot about Belgrad and Serbia in general.He was very friendly and open minded. I can highly recommend this tour.

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