No matter if you are a religious person looking to experience spirituality of Orthodox Christianity, or you are interested in medieval fresco painting and architecture, with this tour you’ll definitely reach your goals. These two monasteries are most iconic monasteries we have today in Serbia. Monastery Studenica from the late XII century is UNESCO World Heritage site. Monastery Zica (Žiča in Serbian alphabet) with its authentic red facade is the monastery where Serbian kings were crowned and where seat of Serbian Orthodox Church was for a long time.

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What to expect from the tour

Expect a day filled with history, spirituality and sacred arts. Scenic drive and picturesque landscapes are part of the experience as well. After a long day you’ll have a chance to try food in one the most praised local restaurants in Serbia. If your interests are in culture and literacy, you might be interested in Origin of Serbian Alphabet tour.

Tour flow

#YourSerbiaHost will meet you at your hotel or other place of your stay in Belgrade. After pickup you’ll start the trip towards Western Serbia through picturesque Šumadija region. On the way you’ll get chance to see and hear about authentic life in this part of Serbia.

Our first destination for the day is Monastery Zica, located only few kilometers from the town Kraljevo (Kingstown) and approximately two hour drive from Belgrade. Žiča had an important role in Serbian medieval life. Several reasons made it important, in first place it was intended for the center of newly established Serbian Orthodox Church which got its autonomy in the early XIII century. Second, it was a place where first Serbian king was crowned, Stefan Nemanjić, also known as Stefan the First-Crowned. Later during the history many of Serbian kings were crowned here. There was a belief that king was not a king unless he was crowned in Žiča. Monastery’s treasury used to have very valuable belongings, such as right hand of St. John the Baptist. Today it’s in Siena, and you’ll learn how it ended up there.

From Monastery Zica route follows river Ibar through the gorge. In the gorge you’ll be able to see medieval fortress Maglič, which guards the river and the road from a hill. Further down the road we’ll set off from the main road and head for the mountains.

After 14km Monastery Studenica will welcome us in all its glory, beauty and greatness. No matter if you are a believer or not you won’t stay indifferent, you’ll be enchanted by its monumentality, calmness and appearance. The most significant part of the complex is the main church of Holy Virgin. Here you’ll see some of the most beautiful frescoes from the XII century and from the later periods. The most famous fresco of Monastery Studenica is Crucifixion of Christ, which will communicate to you in silence. There is chance that we’ll be accompanied by local curator who is so passionate about the monastery that he will be more than happy to share his passion with you.

We are returning on the main road upon our experience with Monastery Studenica’s history, art and monastic life is completed. Lunch stop is in village Bogutovac, at family owned restaurant “Kod Mira” which is there for over 200 years. The same family runs it for entire period and they nurture traditional hospitality. Local and homemade specialties are waiting for you to highlight the day.

After meal in “Kod Mira” we are driving straight to Belgrade.

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Vanja van Maaren
July 24, 2021
We had a really special day, experienced Serbia in the best way - visiting 2 most important monasteries for the Serbian people and their history. And our guide Miljan is superb guide, he made us feeling as he was also part of our family that day. We are comming agian to experience more!

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

March 27, 2018
When we thought that we'd have to give up Monasteries Žiča and Studenica because of the complicated transportation we happened to see Serbian Private Tours and had a wonderful day trip from Belgrade to the monasteries. Besides the amazing culture and frescos it impressed me so much with our kind tour guide, his knowledge about whatever we wanted to know, the easy and comfortable trip, the fast online reply of the team and the cheap and nice restaurant (especially the dessert I loved it). The route was so well designed and the trip is definitely worth taking. Thank you so much for today and we'll come back to travel with you again! The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.
October 22, 2017
From Belgrade, I did 3 tours with Serbian Private Tours: Fruska Gora Monasteries & Sremski Karlovci, Monasteries Manasija & Ravanica and Monasteries Zica & Studenica. I can highly recommend all 3 of these tours. Dobrosav (aka Dobri) was my guide for all 3 tours. His English is excellent. Dobri arrived on time and well prepared with water and juices for the journey. He was mindful of my needs as I have mobility issues and he would drop me as close to the venue as possible, then go and park the car and come back to me to tour our site and then repeat in reverse. This was very sensitive and kind and certainly increased my ability and enjoyment to see and do more. Dobri had great knowledge of the area and monasteries and also general knowledge of Serbia. I enjoyed your conversations very much and we also had pleasant silences as I enjoyed the view for which words were not necessary. Dobri certainly knows the history, architecture, art and religious significance of all the monasteries but without being boring or overly verbose. Serbia is rich in history and natural beauty and the monasteries were breathtaking. I was pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of our lunch stops. The wine tasting and lunch in Fruska Gora was with the winemaker himself - food was delicious as was the wine and we got to taste Bermet which apparently had at one time been served on the Titanic. These little stories are treasures and make for memorable experiences. The lunch at Kod Mira (on the Studenica tour) and the lunch at Veliki Buk waterfall (the Ravanica tour) were both delicious examples of local delicacies - this was a really authentic experience with all local clientele (no tour buses here!). I cannot finish this review without mentioning another kindness and delightful service from Dobri - we had discussed my father serving me a local plum dumpling (knedle) when I was a child and on our second tour Dobri surprised me with knedle which he had gone to a local bakery to find for me and which we had at our morning coffee break. It genuinely brought tears to my eyes and a flood of memories of my father (and yes, they were as good as I can remember my father making!). I can't impress enough how thoughtful and kind this was and I was (still am) delighted by the experience. This is definitely a memory I will cherish - thank you Dobri! Serbian Private Tours provides exceptional value and service and I highly recommend them. I will most definitely use them again when I next find myself in Serbia. The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

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