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If you find history, architecture and nature ideal combination for exploration, we have just proper itinerary for you. Two medieval monasteries, Monastery Manasija and Monastery Ravanica represent unique gems of medieval architecture. Their founders left significant trace in Serbian history and culture. On top of that East Serbia is the most intriguing part of Serbia, with intact and fascinating nature. If you search for more Serbian medieval monasteries try Monasteries Žiča and Studenica tour.

What to expect from the tour

You will spend a day in areas of East Serbia, still considered intact nature vise. Monastery Ravanica will fill you with tranquility, while Monastery Manasija will impress you with its monumentality. Resava cave and Veliki buk waterfall will refresh you on a hot summer day. You’ll enjoy fresh trout for lunch or local specialties, if you are not fond of fish.

Tour flow

After #YourSerbiaHost picks you up from hotel or other place of your stay you will drive together to the first point on the itinerary, the Monastery Ravanica. The 14th century monastery founded by Serbian prince Lazar, who fought the most important battle in Serbian history against Ottoman Turks in 1389. This monastery represents beginning of the Morava architecture style, a unique Serbian style of medieval sacred architecture. The style marked the period from the late 14th century till the end of medieval Serbian state in the mid-15th century.

From Ravanica Monastery the road takes us through mountains of East Serbia to the one of the most famous caves in Serbia, Resava cave. This 2380m long cave is discovered in 1960s and its calculated age is 80 million years. The area available for visitors is 800m long and it has four halls with different layout and cave jewels.

Usually caves are connected to waterfalls, it is the same here, from Resava cave, we are moving to the Veliki buk waterfall, which is maybe not the biggest you have seen, but it’ll charm you with its beauty, clear water and intact nature which surrounds it. On the top of it all, restaurants around the waterfall serve delicious trout or traditional food from the area. Pick whatever you find more after your taste.

After lunch, last stop for the day is the most monumental monastery from Morava architecture style, Monastery Manasija. The early 15th century monastery founded by despot Stefan, the son of prince Lazar. Despot Stefan was one of the most beloved and appreciated Serbian rulers ever. He was not only a ruler, he was also a poet, writer, art lover and great humanist of the time. The monastery itself is breathtaking at first sight, with its 15m tall fortification walls and 35m high main tower surrounding the Holy Trinity church.

From Monastery Manasija we are starting our trip back to Belgrade.

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October 7, 2017
Miljan was our guide, and he was great - professional, friendly, knowledgeable and informed, as well as very skilled with the English language. It was nice to get out into the country to see the monasteries, and the cave was fascinating, too.

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