Fantastic two-day tour filled with natural beauty, local experience, history and enjoyment for all senses will make it memorable. Iron Gate gorge with its spectacular Golubac fortress and Lepenski Vir archaeological site, unique Rajac wine cellars together with warm and hospitable people of East Serbia are main reasons why you should take this tour, but also just a fraction of what this tour and region has to offer.

What to expect from the Iron Gate gorge and highlights of East Serbia tour

First day

#YourSerbiaHost will meet you at arranged point (your hotel or other place of your stay) in early morning hours. After almost two hour drive we’ll make first stop at Golubac Fortress, breathtaking fortress on the shore of Danube which guards the entrance to Iron Gate gorge. After a short drive from the fortress we reach Lepenski Vir. This archaeological site is the very first organized settlement in Europe and certainly one of the most significant places for understanding modern civilization.

In the heart of Iron Gate gorge we will stop by for lunch at one unique place, Captain Miša’s Hill, but not only food is the reason for stopping here, it’s unusual ambient of this household which will feed your soul and body, with breathtaking views, homemade food and local customs.

Further down the river we’ll stop by at most iconic viewpoints of Iron Gate gorge to look over “Mali i Veliki kazan” as well as huge Decebalus sculpture carved in stone, across on the Romanian side.

After a day fulfilled with impressions we arrive to Negotin, a small town on the very east of the country, where we’ll spend a night in a cozy hotel located in the town center. Here you’ll have opportunity to explore town on your own and get to know local life.

Second day

In the morning after breakfast we continue to the village Rajac which is famous for their “Pivnica” – special wine cellars created for storing grapes after vintage and for wine aging. These wine cellar complexes are specificity of this area and cannot be found anywhere else. There are around 270 Pivnicas in Rajac. Rajac village, besides cellars has one more specificity, old cemetery where some of the tomb stones date from the XVIII century.  The main reason for visiting this village is wine, so we’ll stop at local winery for a wine tasting and getting familiar a bit with this wine region and its most characteristic grape varieties.

We say goodbye to Rajac and we continue further towards “Timočka Krajina” and imperial palace Felix Romuliana which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2007. This palace was built in the IV century for Roman Emperor Gaius Valerius Maximianus, who was a pagan and great prosecutor of Christians, here you’ll be able to learn about how they lived back then and how they were converted from humans to gods after death.

From Felix Romuliana we continue towards mountain Rtanj which is connected to many legends and mysteries. At the foot of the mountain, in the village Ilino we’ll stop by for lunch in one very special place, a ethnic complex made completely by hands and after the idea of Dušan Milisavljević, a man who is specialized in wood carving and fine carpentry. His artwork and skills will inspire you for greater achievements.

After lunch in Ilino we continue to Belgrade where we arrive in the evening.

Good to know

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Available departures

This is a daily tour.

Details on prices and services

Tour prices (prices are per tour, not per person):
1-3 persons 479€
4-6 persons 559€
7-8 persons 759€
9-19 persons 1099€
Services included in the price:
Pickup and drop-off
Driver/guide service
Tour organization
Refreshements during journey
What is extra:
Entry to Golubac fortress - 5€ per person
Entry to Lepenski Vir - 4€ per person
Entry to Felix Romuliana - 2€ per person
Lunch at Captain Miša's hill - 10€ per person
BB in Hotel Beograd in Negotin ~ 45€ in double room**
Lunch in ethnic restaurant in Ilino ~ 15€ per person*
* Price shown is an average price for lunch per person based on restaurant’s menu, but it can vary depending on guest’s demands for food and drinks.
** Price is for double room occupancy, in case you need single room, please enquire.