About SPT

Where did you get the idea?

This is what people are asking when they meet with SPT for the first time. Serbian Private Tours were created with the desire to make it possible for travel enthusiasts to meet Serbia in different way from the one offered by conventional travel agencies. Bus tours and moving in lines with listening to dull voice of travel guide, we seriously doubt that anyone finds it amusing and adventurous anymore. Instead, our idea is to offer different experience to our travellers, the one you can only get in travels with friends in small groups. Wondering through Serbia we met interesting people, we have heard amusing stories and we saw fantastic places, and from all of that we created small adventures which we named Serbian Private Tours. Best of those are now in front of you and we promise that in the future we will share only the best with you.

How do we do it?

Private tours consider private crew. Our tours are designed for maximum of eight people. If you are a company of up to three persons, tour will be managed with a private car. For a bit numerous crews for up to six people we use a mini van with 6+1 seats, and for the most numerous companies, up to eight people, we use van with 8+1 seats. But what’s most important, everything we do, we do it with love.

Why are we different?

We have a concept and we stick to it.

We are the very first local website of this kind which made online reservation and payment possible. You can choose your tour and make full reservation from convenience of your room, with this service we save your energy for real stuff when you are on the road with us.
All information about tour, itinerary, price or additional expenses are transparent and without surprises.
All photos you can see on the website were taken by us. We made an effort to create maximum authentic impression about places we visited for you. We hope we have succeeded.

Who are we?

The SPT team is made of a married couple and a group of friends who have already been engaged in traveling through Serbia for years and providing tourist services as well. Some of us contribute with enthusiasm and passion, some of us with experience, because there are champions of local tourism among us. We consider this combination of passion and experience successful recipe for good impression, which we want our travelers to take with them from Serbia.

And this video will give you an idea how we look like