About #YourSerbiaHost

Who are we?Where did you get the idea?How do we do it?Why are we different?

Real Serbian Experiences Since 2013

Founded in 2013, #YourSerbiaHost team brings over a decade of experience in connecting international travelers with the authentic heart of Serbia and surrounding countries. Our team is a blend of individuals with one common passion: sharing the best of Serbia with the world.

Our approach is simple: meticulous planning behind the scenes and expert guidance on the ground. This dual strategy ensures your journey through Serbia is seamless, enriching, and true to the spirit of this vibrant country. From historical landmarks to hidden gems, our tours are crafted to offer a deep dive into Serbia’s culture, landscape, gastronomy and heritage.

With Serbian Private Tours, you’re not just visiting Serbia and the region; you’re exploring it with those who call it home and love it dearly. Let’s discover the real Serbia together.

Meet the crew:

#YourSerbiaHost Tamara

I’m curious enthusiast who loves to travel, to get to know the culture and customs of different people from all over the world. Through Our talks section I want to bring you closer to all beauties of my country which make me proud – beautiful nature, cultural and architectural heritage, culinary specialties, in fact everything you can see and try in Serbia and take with you as indelible experience which you’ll remember with a smile on your face. I’m the “master” of preparation for photo and video material that you watch on our online channels. Also, I am a back-office support for your guides – hosts, an architect, mom and last but not least, Miljan’s wife.

#YourSerbiaHost Miljan

Hello there! My name is Miljan, but for those having difficulties pronouncing my name, Milan (like football club from Italy) will be just fine. Over the years I travelled through Europe meeting different people and enjoying those differences on this wonderful continent. Somewhere on the way I realized that Serbia has much to offer to people interested in nature, history, culture, heritage, gourmet… This cognition gave me an idea to travel through my own country and get to know it better. And you know what, I did. So today with our tours I want to offer the same experience to you, the one you can only get in travels with friends. I had various interests in my life and along the way I got a law degree, I became an entrepreneur and learned few things about IT. I also ski, I ride my bicycle, I hike and of course I’m a licensed tour guide. And as the most important reference, I’m married to Tamara.

#YourSerbiaHost Andrija

Hello everyone, my name is Andrija, or Andrew, and I may be your host during your stay in Serbia. I may be younger then my colleagues but don’t let that thrick you, I have more then 5 years experience in this job and with me you will learn a lot about Serbia and it’s history. I’m passonate in outdoor activities, so if you are into nature or hiking I promise you that we will have a great time exploring Serbia’s natural beauties. I strongly reccomend western part of Serbia and Tara national park, thrust me, it will take your breath away. Also I’m from Belgrade and I will show you some hiden corners of this beautifull city. See you around.

#YourSerbiaHost Vladislav

Vladislav (pronounced Whatislove) is an ambitious, sharp and agile professional with twenty years of experience in tourism!
No, no, fortunately (?) none of this is true, and although it may sounds as a cliché, I’m kind of an old soul stuck in a young man’s body that lives for the moment and take it slowly rather than run around and spend time on making plans for the future. At some point two years ago I surprisingly decided to step out of the office and try myself as #YourSerbiaHost – as we in SPT call it – or tourist guide as rest of the world does. I’m still new in this and I don’t deny I have a lot to learn and – being a genuine rookie – I do it with enthusiasm.
Family man, coffee drinker, book reader, former radio DJ, passionate skier, safe driver, licensed tourist guide, polite and generally optimistic.
I played tennis before Novak Djokovic was born.
Would like to visit Uruguay and Vietnam before I leave this world.

#YourSerbiaHost Dobri

Actually my given name is Dobrosav, but my friends call me Dobri (or Goody in English), I was born in Belgrade and I studied German Language at the Philological Faculty – University of Belgrade. I spent one semester at the University Ernst-Moritz Ardnt Griefswald and since then I was involved in organization of various international student’s events, seminars and festivals in Serbia as well in Germany. Being one of the first members and co-founders of Serbia Travel Club made me passionate about travelling through Balkans and about hosting travellers and tourists from all over the world. I’m an active member of Airbnb community and I hold the Superhost status for 2 years in a row. My “day job” is related to „Digital Printing Technologies“ and graphic industry. Together with my parents, who moved back to the village on Radan mountain (south Serbia), we are making an effort to revitalize the old household of their ancestors. I’ll be speaking to you in Russian, German and English.

#YourSerbiaHost Slobodan

Born and raised Algiers, it’s, however, in the streets of New Belgrade that I grew up. Child of a Bosniak-Serbian couple, my brothers and I were taught tolerance from our first steps. Studied in Paris and Barcelona, but lived also in Maryland, Kinshasa and Conakry. Since 2016 I’m the youngest SPT host, the one who parle français and habla español. I’m an IT lover, freedom fighter, multi-instrumentalist and deep traveler. Slobodan, nice to meet you! Actually, did you know that Sloboda means freedom in our language? Feel that freedom discovering this beautiful country with a freeman – by putting things in a wider context, without hard feelings and taboo topics.

This is what people are asking when they meet #YourSerbiaHost for the first time. Serbian Private Tours were created with the desire to make it possible for travel enthusiasts to meet Serbia in different way from the one offered by conventional travel agencies.

Bus tours and moving in lines with listening to dull voice of travel guide, we seriously doubt that anyone finds it amusing and adventurous anymore. Instead, our idea is to offer different experience to our travellers, the one you can only get in travels with friends in small groups. Wondering through Serbia we met interesting people, we have heard amusing stories and we saw fantastic places. From all of that we created small adventures which we named Serbian Private Tours. Best of those are now in front of you and we promise that in the future we will share only the best with you.

Private tours consider private crew, so you will be accompanied by your local guide and driver, who we like to call #YourSerbiaHost. Since our tours are designed for maximum of nineteen people, there are four ways how we’ll take you on a tour: if you are a solo traveller or a company up to three persons, tour will be managed with a private car, for a bit numerous crews for up to six people we use a mini van with 6+1 seats, for more numerous companies, up to eight people, we use a van with 8+1 seats and for the biggest parties we use mini-bus with 19+1 seats. If you private group is even bigger than 19, send us a request. But what’s most important, everything we do, we do it with love.

We have a concept and we stick to it.

We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable when travelling to Serbia, from that reason we had several things in mind when we were creating our service.

First of all we’ll be your local friend. Who will do everything possible to make your travel in Serbia a great local experience.

Second, we are working hard on technical level in order to make you feel confident in us and our service. In relation to that we are the very first local website in the business which made online reservation and payment possible. You can choose your tour and make full payment and reservation from convenience of your room through SSL secure connection. All information about tour, itinerary, price or additional expenses are transparent and without surprises. All photos you can see on the website are ours. We made an effort to create maximum authentic impression about places we visited for you.

Third, we understand your concerns when travelling to Serbia, that is why we are fully registered travel company under regulations of Republic of Serbia. Our vehicles are insured and regularly maintained. Our guides receive trainings and education in different fields needed for delivering great and reliable service.

Fourth, we wont stop here, we’ll always look for ways to improve our service.

And this video will explain what is our concept all about