Where to ski in Serbia?

Group of skiers on ski slope at Kopaonik.

Travelers who visit Serbia are mostly impressed by its beautiful nature. When winter rolls around, daytime shortens and the weather conditions are often difficult. It’s obvious that you can’t fully experience and enjoy the beauty of nature during those winter months. Chances to find winter fairy tale landscapes are much bigger in rural areas, especially […]


Wine tradition of Fruška Gora

If you would read lately about Serbia in tourist guidebooks you would probably find the usual info about vibrant nightlife, especially in Serbia`s capital, or about distinctive cuisine characterized with intensive tastes of Balkan food. Some of those guidebooks even inform about world famous Exit music festival or Guča brass bands competition, but what only […]


Meet village Ljubiš in Zlatibor mountain

For most of us in Serbia Zlatibor represents vacation destination or a place to have a break on the way to Montenegro. All of this is connected to the very centre of Zlatibor, also known as Partizanske vode or Kraljeve vode. In recent years this part of the mountain was over constructed with apartment buildings, […]