Kopaonik ski resort what is it?

Two skiers on the trail at ski resort Kopaonik

Kopaonik ski resort and what you can read in this post Reading the headline you probably ask yourself the same question. This is the most frequent question skiers outside of Serbia are asking themselves when they see an offer or information about Kopaonik ski resort in Serbia. In one of previous posts we wrote about […]


How we celebrate International Workers’ Day (Labour Day)

A man is roasting a pork.

PICNIC+FRIENDS+BBQ =LABOR DAY Usually Labor day is associated with unions protesting against oppression, or at least with sending strong message by employees to employers that they are organized in claiming their rights guaranteed by the law. You might think that in Serbia, as former socialism country, this tradition is even stronger and more rooted in […]


Exchanging money and paying in Serbia

Exchanging currencies when travelling can be tricky, especially if you travel to the part of the world where they are using currency for which you have never heard before. It gets even more confusing when all the prices in the country are expressed in Euros, everybody are mentioning Euros when talking about prices, but you […]