Balkan tour in 1939

My father Augustin Heussen was born on the 20th of February 1921 in Krefeld, Germany. The following lines are summarizing impressions and experiences from his diary written during his 1939 Balkan tour. After school on the 17th of July 1939 he was ordered to do his crop service in Königsberg, now Kalinengrad, in East Prussia […]


How we celebrate International Workers’ Day (Labour Day)

A man is roasting a pork.

PICNIC+FRIENDS+BBQ =LABOR DAY Usually Labor day is associated with unions protesting against oppression, or at least with sending strong message by employees to employers that they are organized in claiming their rights guaranteed by the law. You might think that in Serbia, as former socialism country, this tradition is even stronger and more rooted in […]


Serbia? Why on earth would you go there?

Girl is posing in village Sirogojno on Zlatibor

Was the common reaction I got from people when mentioning a visit that ‘far away Balkan country’ – or let’s say from those who actually knew where Serbia is. Well, honestly speaking, I could have found a list of reasons not to go myself: Serbia does not have any seaside, a lot of people who […]