Lepenski Vir – prehistorical cultural center

The Fore-mother from Lepenski Vir

„Hey! „ „ …man…„ „…what are you doing?„ „…are you up?„ Messenger notifications from my cell phone, on which I had forgotten to turn off the sound, were piercing my ears. It was Lazar, my high school friend, now working on his PhD in history. „ It is Saturday… 8 AM… I am sleeping… what […]


The top 5 destinations in Serbia

We are now presenting a short overview of destinations you liked the most in season 2015. Here is the list of the top 5 most frequently visited destinations with #YourSerbiaHost and some of your reviews of tours. For upcoming season we are preparing a few new tours according to your requests. We’ll see which tour […]