Bookings in the period April-May due to COVID-19

As you most certainly know or you experience it in your own country, vast majority of World countries are under lockdown due to coronavirus spread. In some it’s stricter and in others is not that much yet, but this situation has affected everybody heavily. World of travels is one of the most impacted industries and […]


Why we don’t offer Uvac boat ride anymore

People during the boat ride in Uvac canyon.

You know Uvac canyon and its spectacular views? This nature reserve became one of the most popular destinations in Serbia in last couple of years. Many tourists all over the world are swarming around Uvac and its attractions. Aside of Uvac boat ride there are marvelous viewpoints, observation decks, hiking trails, griffon vultures, caves and […]


Kopaonik ski resort what is it?

Two skiers on the trail at ski resort Kopaonik

Kopaonik ski resort and what you can read in this post Reading the headline you probably ask yourself the same question. This is the most frequent question skiers outside of Serbia are asking themselves when they see an offer or information about Kopaonik ski resort in Serbia. In one of previous posts we wrote about […]