The top 5 destinations in Serbia

We are now presenting a short overview of destinations you liked the most in season 2015. Here is the list of the top 5 most frequently visited destinations with #YourSerbiaHost and some of your reviews of tours. For upcoming season we are preparing a few new tours according to your requests. We’ll see which tour will be number one in season 2016.

1. Iron Gate gorge and Lepenski vir
You will love this tour mostly for an amazing nature and because of magnificent archaeological sites.
This Danube rout links different points in time and like a time machine it opens path through history of this part of Europe. Natural characteristics of Iron Gate are the main cause of vibrant history of this part of Danube course.
Highlights of this tour: Golubac fortress, Lepenskivir, Iron Gate- gorges Mali and Velikikazan, ethno complex Captain’s Misa Hill.
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Iron gate

Review from 46v114:
We booked two last-minute tours with Serbian Private Tours. We had a great time, thanks to our guide Miljan. He’s the ideal tour guide: friendly, knowledgeable, and he knows exactly which spots are worth visiting. We had a terrific time. Couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Serbian Private Tours.
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2. Fruska gora monasteries and Sremski Karlovci
For number of visitors of Serbia these places are „a must“, and there is a firm reason for each of them.For some it’s a place of spirituality thanks to the sixteen living monasteries, for others it’s a region of wine with more than 60 wineries and for some it`s just a place of beautiful nature in National park of Fruska Gora. The Town of Sremski Karlovci combines all of it: history, religion, wine and beauty.
Highlights of this tour: monastery Krušedol, monastery Staro Hopovo, monastery Novo Hopovo, Four lions fountain, Treasury of Patriarchy residence, St. Nicola’s orthodox cathedral, Chapel of Peace in SremskiKarlovci, wine cellar Miljević.
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Fruska gora

Review from Cristian S:
FULL appreciation of the whole service we received during the one-day tour to Fruška Gora and Novi Sad we had Jan 2nd 2015! From the very first moment ’till the end of the day Miljan has been more than a great guide… he has actually been a real and precious tour companion (always ready, polite, precise and caring)! Higher than highly recommended!
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3. Royal town Topola and Oplenac
At just 80 kilometers south of Belgrade lies a small town rich in history. Topola tells us a tale of royal family Karađorđević, whose history began here. Visit to royal complex will show you gorgeous mausoleum of the royal family, Saint George’s Church. Significant characteristic of this church is a mosaic decoration of interior which consists of 40 million pieces in 15,000 shades. This region is also known for its wine. The oldest Serbian wine collection can be found in authentic package from 1931 in Royal wine cellar.
Highlights of this tour: Karađorđe’s Town, royal complex Oplenac, Winery Aleksandrović.
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Review from Issa600:
The Topola tour was a great tour through history, combined with amazing scenery, good wine and delicious Serbian food. Mijlan’s passion and pride made the experience more enjoyable. His attention to details and little souvenirs made it more special. Highly recommended!!
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4. Mokra gora and Sargan Eight train
This dynamic tour will take us to the unique narrow-gauge railway Sargan Eight which nowadays serves only for amusement of its passengers. Close to this vintage railway beauty lies the unusual ethno village Kustendorf, which was built by famous filmmaker Emir Kusturica. The nature in this region is quite amazing and the ride by train Nostalgia is an adventure you will not forget.
Highlights of this tour: the unique narrow-gauge railway Sargan Eight, Kustenddorf.
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Mokra gora

Review from Caio C:
Miljan showed us the cultural aspect, natural beauties, and very good gastronomic experience in the country-side of Serbia! I will come back again!
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5. Zlatibor the golden mountain
Zlatibor is a magnificent mountain, one morejewelof Mother Nature. This region is blessed with fabulous nature and you might get an impression that you were looking at scenes from a postcard. Freshmountain air together with unpolluted environment make food from Zlatibor so delicious and widely known. We are talking about cheese, kajmak and lamb.
Highlights of this tour: Stopića cave, the ethnological open-air museum “Old Village” in Sirogojno, Gostilje waterfall, restaurant Pećinar.
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Review from Dimitris M:
When you meet Miljan and he will say to you that he does this tours as a hobby, even though he is the best professional guide I have ever met. The program is so flexible that in fact you can do what you like and visit whatever you want, just ask him. He took us to Cigota for a couple of hours hiking tour and it was fantastic. I suggest private day tours to anyone and especially to Greek people. He is just like us, you will definitely be a friend with this guy. Thank you Miljanan for this great experience! All the best
The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

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