Virtual live tours

What are virtual tours or online tours?

During the pandemic of the Coronavirus many museums, zoos and other attractions opened their doors in the virtual world. With these virtual tours people around the world were able to visit places which they were never been able to visit before. On top of that, it was free of other people and free of charge! How cool is that?!? Downside of this approach is that these virtual tours are actually pre-recorded videos that viewers are able to stream online without any interaction or customization. It’s like a youtube video, just more professionally produced.

What are virtual live tours then?

Logical step further was to solve the problem of lack of interaction and human touch. This is were virtual live tours step in. Those are still online and virtual, but very much alive, since on both ends of the internet connection there are humans talking to each other, seeing each other, touching each other… no not touching. In post Corona world close encounter among strangers is not socially acceptable, hence another criteria for corona free world is met – social distancing.

So virtual live tours are like any other tours where you have a guide and a traveler, communicating to each other, exchanging thoughts and experiences. With the difference that the guide is in the destination and the “traveler” sits in the comfort of his/hers home. We at Serbian Private Tours adopted this new reality and we are working on the development of different virtual live tours. With these tours we will still follow the original intention, to transfer the experience of traveling with a local friend.

How does it work?

We offer our virtual live tours as private (only you and your party) and as shared (with different people participating, but still with a limited number of participants). The private ones will be taking place at the time of your choice, while the shared ones are with a firm schedule, two times per day. Once you book the tour you’ll receive the confirmation with the instructions how to attend the tour. Connecting to the tour is extremely easy, if you are reading these words, you already fulfill all the requirements. You only need a computer/tablet/smartphone with internet connection. Everything else is our job.

Belgrade Fortress virtual live tour

Belgrade Fortress virtual live tour

Price per person from 19
Belgrade Fortress is definitely the most known and the most popular attraction of the city of Belgra More info