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Visit and experience every corner of Serbia in a single day. Select your private day trips from Belgrade among twelve different day tours below. Each of the tour gives a unique local experience. No matter if you look for historic, cultural, food&wine, nature or soft activity tour, we got you covered. Our tours usually combine more than one experience. If you have a bit more time to spend exploring Serbia inland, maybe our Tours with overnight will be your match.

How does it work?

Each tour has detailed description about what it offers to the traveler. From what to expect on the tour, to essential detailed information on prices and services. At the end if you find the tour suitable for you as it is, you can easily book it through our online reservation system. If you have questions, or you just want to check if someone listens on the other side, there are inquiry forms and direct contact details for reaching us through phone|WhatsApp|Viber on each tour page.

Zlatibor - The Golden mountain

Zlatibor - The Golden mountain

West Serbia
Price per group from 299
Off-season availability (click to read more)Dear traveler, this tour will not be available during th More info