Have you ever wanted to visit ex-Yugoslavia countries and Albania? Now with this private 14 day tour you’ll have a chance to travel Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia, to get to know locals and experience all of those countries in a single trip. You’ll get clear picture on local way of life, cultural differences, but also their tight interconnections and all that from locals who you’ll meet along the way. Sounds exciting? Following short description will give you an idea how the tour will look like.

1st Day – Meeting and free time in Belgrade

You’ll meet #YourSerbiaHost at airport/bus/train station or wherever we agree to meet. After transfer to your Hotel Jump Inn**** (two nights) and check in you’ll have free time to relax after the trip, or to explore Belgrade on your own.

2nd Day – Belgrade exploration

We’ll take you first to Belgrade fortress, the most iconic Belgrade landmark, and then we move to other part of the city, where Yugoslavian president Tito had his residence and where he was buried in 1980, in House of flowers. From controversial Yugoslavian dictator’s tomb we’ll take you to a holy place, to St. Sava church, the biggest Orthodox temple in Balkans dedicated to a true saint.  When we finish this part of exploration we’ll take you to a local restaurant, where local food is prepared in modern manner. After lunch we’ll switch to the other side of the city, over the river to Zemun, old part of the city. Stroll along Danube promenade or walk to the Gardoš hill and drink in one of the local cafe’s will make you fill like a local.

3rd Day – Sargan Eight train and Mokra gora

We leave Belgrade and we head to West Serbia and Mokra gora town, where we’ll experience most attractive narrow track railway in this part of Europe, famous Sargan Eight train. Before the ride we’ll have lunch in a local tavern. After two and a half hour ride, we will continue to nearby Kustendorf ethnic village, which was created by our famous film director Emir Kusturica. This village is place of your stay in Hotel Mećavnik****.

4th Day – Bridge over Drina, Višegrad and Sarajevo

Today we are crossing to Bosnia, to Republika Srpska and we are stopping at town Višegrad with famous bridge over river Drina dating from the XVI century. Yugoslavian writer Ivo Andrić who wrote the novel with the same name Bridge over Drina won the Nobel Prize in 1962. Here you’ll enjoy a boat ride on Drina River with a local captain. After boat ride we’ll have a lunch in Andrićgrad, newly established complex dedicated to famous Serbs who made influence to local or world culture, science or history. From Višegrad we continue to Sarajevo where you’ll stay in Hotel Isa Begov Hamam**** (two nights).

5th Day – Sarajevo tour

On your Sarajevo tour you’ll explore old town, famous Baščaršija, with a local guide who will give you not just information, he will share his life experience about living in Sarajevo. You won’t stop at Baščaršija, you’ll explore several sites with him during the tour and at the end you’ll join #YourSerbiaHost for lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch you have rest of the day for yourself.

6th Day – Mostar to Dubrovnik

We leave Sarajevo and we continue along Neretva River all the way to Mostar, famous town in Hercegovina for its XVI century bridge with characteristic design and its charming old historical center. We’ll spend few hours in Mostar to get to know its most iconic points and we’ll continue to the nearby village Blagaj famous for its source of river Buna, where we’ll have lunch right next to the source, touching fresh water coming from the cave underneath the rock. From Blagaj we drive further to Hercegovina and in the afternoon we cross to Croatia and we reach Dubrovnik where you’ll stay next two nights in Hotel Lero****.

7th Day – Dubrovnik

On your day in Dubrovnik you’ll have a walking tour through the old town with your local guide who will introduce you with Dubrovnik’s glorious history, it’s most notable citizens and beautiful architecture. After this tour you’ll have a chance to continue the exploration on your own or if you are a fan of Game of Thrones TV series you can go on a tour related to GOT and its filming in Dubrovnik (for an extra charge).

8th Day – Dubrovnik to Kotor

We say goodbye to Dubrovnik and to Croatia and we cross the border to Montenegro, another beautiful country with diverse coastal line and breathtaking inland. Our destination in Montenegro this time is town of Kotor in Boka bay, definitely the most interesting destination in this part of Adriatic coast. After two hour drive we’ll reach Kotor and your Hotel Monte Cristo****. After check-in we’ll make a walk through the old town of Kotor to see its most notable landmarks. We’ll make a summary of the day during a lunch in a local tavern.

9th Day – Kotor to Tirana over Kruja

The 9th day will start with a scenic drive along Montenegrin coast until we set apart to hills to enter Albania. This country which was for a long period behind the “iron curtain” for plenty of travelers is still considered for a deeply isolated and conservative society, but you’ll be surprised. Our first stop in Albania, after we cross the border, will be town Kruja and its historic castle, which symbolizes resistance of Albanian people with its medieval ruler Skender Bey against Ottomans. After lunch in Kruja we drive straight to Tirana and to your Hotel Doro City**** (two nights)Rest of the day you have for yourself.

10th Day – Tirana vibes

You’ll meet in the morning your local guide who will take you for a tour around Albanian capital. You’ll learn from him about how life was under the regime of Enver Hoxha, how it was during the period of transition and how life is in modern day Albania. After a tour we’ll go for a lunch to traditional Albanian restaurant to try their cuisine, because what is worth of travel to a country if you don’t eat like a local. Rest of the day after lunch you have free for your own plans.

11th Day – From Tirana to Ohrid

Day eleven is scheduled for leaving Albania and for meeting another former Yugoslavian republic, Macedonia. Country with disputed name, but with great nature, history and on top of it all, great people. Drive through Albanian mountains will give you an idea how this country managed to be isolated for such a long period. When we cross one of those we’ll enter Macedonia and we’ll reach beautiful town of Ohird on the shores of the lake with the same name. After check-in to Hotel City Palace****(two nights).  we’ll continue further to visit the X century monastery St. Naum, which is located on the opposite side of the lake. After monastery and lunch at nearby restaurant we are returning to Ohrid for a rest after a long day.

12th Day – Ohrid and the vicinity

This day is reserved for exploration of old town Ohrid and village Vevčani located half an hour drive from Ohrid. First thing in the morning we’ll visit Samuilo’s fortress and then rest of old sites on the slopes on hill above modern Ohrid. When we finish with this part of the day we’ll continue to Vevčani, not known to majority of tourists. This place has its charms and interesting people, as well as pure water and intact nature. You’ll hear a story about their declaration of independence in the ’90s and establishing local currency. We’ll have lunch here on the springs of pure mountain water. After lunch we’ll get back to Ohrid.

13th day – Matka canyon and Skopje

On the day ahead of us we’ll visit one very special place on our way to Skopje, its Matka canyon, a beautiful canyon of river Treska where we’ll find several attractions worth visiting. We’ll make a short boat ride to a cave which holds cave jewelry and bats population. Also in Matka canyon there are several Orthodox monasteries. After a boat ride we’ll have lunch in lovely restaurant right in the canyon, views from its terrace are right spot to relax and enjoy local dishes. After lunch we continue to Skopje which is only 30 minutes away. After check-in to Hotel Aleksandar Square****, which is located on the main city square, we suggest a walk around the city center to explore Skopje’s disputed recently done decoration.

14th day – Departure

This the day when your Western Balkans Tour ends when we’ll say farewell at Skopje airport Alexander the Great. Depending on your flight arrangement you can spend some time shopping or wondering around Skopje’s vibrant streets.

End of the tour

Few useful information

All accommodation facilities from the itinerary are 4* categorized, if you want more luxurious or less expensive accommodation please state that in the inquiry. If you want to customize the itinerary or you need transfer service to/from Belgrade/Skopje before/after the tour please mention that in the inquiry. #YourSerbiaHost will be with you during the whole tour, while in Serbia he will be your guide as well, during travel through countries outside of Serbia he will act as a tour leader (and driver), while you’ll have a local guide in Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Tirana. If you want to have local guides on other points on the itinerary please state that in the inquiry. Every additional service or customization of the itinerary can affect the price. Hotels described in the itinerary are first pick and they depend on availability, if those are booked we have alternatives which are adequate replacement.

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