You have only few days available to spend in Serbia and you want to experience as much as possible. Will the biggest gorge of Europe, the oldest urban settlement dating from 8000 BC, few UNESCO and historical sites together with learning from the locals about life in Serbia over homemade food and superb Serbian rakija or wine do the trick? If it will, this is how your private four day Serbia tour will look like.

1st Day – Meeting, Iron Gate gorge, Golubac fortress, Lepenski vir, Bor lake

You will meet #YourSerbiaHost at airport/bus/train station or wherever we agree to meet. First stop is town of Golubac, where the Danube river is widest on its whole flow – 8km from side to side. After a short stop we continue little further down the river, to the famous Golubac fortress which is guarding the entrance to the gorge. From the fortress we drive along Danube bank and through the Iron Gate gorge until we reach prehistorical settlement Lepenski vir, dating from 8000 BC. Here you’ll experience how life looked like on the bank of Danube in prehistorical times. Next stop is Captain Misa’s hill, a household where local family runs small ethnic complex where you’ll try local food and learn something about their life in this part of Serbia. The most attractive parts in the gorge are Mali and Veliki Kazan, from this spots you’ll enjoy most iconic views over the gorge, together with sculpture of Dacian king Decebalus carved in rock on the Romanian side.  First night is planned in Hotel Jezero on the Bor lake, here you’ll have a chance to relax in hotel’s pool after exciting day or to enjoy a stroll around the lake. The first day was exciting, isn’t it?

2nd Day – Felix Romuliana, Ravanica and Manasija monasteries, Veliki buk waterfall

The second day of the trip starts right after the breakfast and we continue further to Felix Romuliana, a UNESCO Roman palace from the IV century, built by Roman Emperor Galerius. From here we continue to the XIV century and Monastery Ravanica, which is very important for Serbia’s national pride and identity. We planned midday stop for a break and lunch at the attractive waterfall Veliki buk, surrounded by intact nature (if you feel warm you can take a dip into cold mountain spring water). In a cozy small restaurant directly by the creek we’ll have local specialties for lunch. After a deserved break we’ll drive to Manasija Monastery from the XV century. Here you’ll learn why Serbian medieval rulers carried the title of Despot and who was Despot Stefan Lazarević. From Manasija we are continuing to West Serbia and its Šumadija region. Here, in the village Mala Vrbica you’ll have a chance to meet locals from household House of Čolović where you’ll experience from firsthand how local people live in Serbian village, your hosts will be Ivan and his mother Snežana who will provide with warm hospitality, homemade food and local experience.

3rd Day – Topola, Oplenac mausoleum, Wineries, Belgrade

Third day will start with reach and tasty homemade breakfast which is a treat for all senses. After you say goodbye to Ivan and his mother we will continue our trip through Šumadija to nearby town of Topola where renewal of modern Serbian state started in 1804. On the tip of Oplenac hill you’ll visit Royal mausoleum, church where 27 members of royal family are buried, decorated with mosaics: 40 million pieces in 15.000 shades of colour. From this point onward we are only enjoying Šumadija wine. First we’ll stop by Royal wine cellar, established in 1930s by Serbian king, after this one we’ll visit most prominent Serbian winery Aleksandrović and as grand finale of the day we’ll have a local lunch with wine tasting at young winery Arsenijević, whose young winemaker will be your host during the meal, explaining how he makes his wines and how does it match with the food. After lunch we are leaving Šumadija and heading to Belgrade for the rest of the day and overnight in a great Jump Inn hotel, located in trendy Savamala district.

4th Day – Belgrade fortress, Tito’s tomb, St. Sava church, Zemun, Gardoš hill

Last day of your tour is reserved for Belgrade exploration. We’ll take you first to Belgrade fortress, the most iconic Belgrade landmark, then from the fortress we move to other part of the city, posh Dedinje, where Yugoslavian president Tito had his residence and where he was buried in 1980, in House of flowers. #YourSerbiaHost will explain how Tito’s cult was nurtured during his life, but also long after he was gone. From controversial Yugoslavian dictator’s tomb we’ll take you to a holy place, to St. Sava church, the biggest Orthodox temple in Balkans dedicated to true saint who was born in the XII and who brought autonomy to Serbian Orthodox Church in the XIII century. When we finish this part of exploration we’ll take you to a local restaurant, where local food is prepared in modern manner. After lunch we’ll switch to the other side of the city, over the river to Zemun, old part of the city, which was a separate town till 1934. Stroll along Danube promenade or walk to the Gardoš hill and drink in one of the local cafe’s will make you fill like a local.

This is where the four day tour ends and where we say doviđenja to each other. At the end of the tour you’ll be dropped off to airport/train/bus station or wherever we agree.

Few useful information

All accommodation facilities from the itinerary are 4* categorized, if you want more luxurious or less expensive accommodation please state that in the inquiry, but have in mind that 5* accommodation is available only in few places outside of Belgrade. If you want to customize the itinerary or you need transfer service to/from Belgrade before/after the tour please mention that in inquiry. Every additional service or customization of the itinerary can affect the price.

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Details on prices and services

Tour prices (prices are per person):
Single traveler 1295 €
2 or 3 persons 850 €
4, 5 or 6 persons 695 €
7 or 8 persons 650 €
Services included in the price:
Driver/guide service
Tour organization
2x HB service and 1x BB service in 4* accommodation
Meals according to the itinerary
Entrance fees
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Personal expenses
Travel fare to/from Belgrade
Meals not mentioned in the itinerary
Travel insurance