Have you ever wanted to visit ex-Yugoslavia countries and Albania on a continuous Balkan tour? Now with this private 14 day Balkan tour you’ll have a chance to travel through 5 different countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia, to get to know locals and experience all of those countries in a single Balkan trip itinerary. If you are on a tighter schedule, but you still want to have a multi-country experience, please visit our Serbia And Bosnia-Herzegovina In 7 Days Tour.

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What to Expect From the Private Tour in the Balkans in 2023

You’ll get a clear picture on the local way of life, cultural differences, but also on their tight interconnections. All this from locals who you’ll meet along the way. Expect a fulfilling Balkans trip, but not the kind where you’ll need vacation after vacation. Our multi-day Balkan tour itinerary is designed in a way where you have enough free time in every location for relaxation or exploration on your own.


Continuous 14 days Balkan tour
✓ Private guides
5 countries
✓ Optional visit to Dubrovnik
Local perspective
✓ Relaxing pace

Tour Flow

1st Day – Meeting and Free Time in Belgrade

You’ll meet #YourSerbiaHost at airport/bus/train station or wherever we agree to meet. After a transfer to your Hotel City Savoy**** (two nights) and check in you’ll have free time to relax after the trip, or to explore Belgrade on your own.

2nd Day – Belgrade Exploration

We’ll take you first to Belgrade Fortress, the most iconic Belgrade landmark. Then from the fortress we move to another part of the city, posh Dedinje. You’ll visit the House of Flowers, which is the eternal home of former Yugoslavian president Tito. #YourSerbiaHost will explain how Tito’s cult was nurtured during his life, but also long after he was gone. From the controversial Yugoslavian dictator’s tomb we’ll take you to a holy place, to the St. Sava Church. The biggest Orthodox Church in the Balkans is dedicated to a true saint who was born in the XII and who brought autonomy to the Serbian Orthodox Church in the XIII century.

When this part of exploration is finished we’ll take you to a restaurant in the neighborhood, where local food is prepared in a modern manner. After lunch we’ll switch to the other side of the river, to Zemun. This old part of the city was actually a separate town till 1934. Strolling along the Danube promenade or walking to the Gardoš Hill, with a drink in one of the local cafes will make you feel like a local.

Rest of the day you are free to explore Belgrade on your own. Tips and recommendations will be provided.

3rd Day – Sargan Eight Train and Mokra Gora

You’ll leave Belgrade and head to West Serbia and Mokra Gora town. On the way you’ll have a chance to enjoy views over a famous Serbian landmark, the unusual Drina River House. Further, you’ll experience the most attractive narrow track railway in this part of Europe, the famous Sargan Eight Train. Before the ride you’ll have lunch in a local tavern. After a two and a half hour ride, we will continue to the nearby Drvengrad-Mećavnik (Woodentown) ethnic village, which was created by our famous film director Emir Kusturica.

This wooden town complex will accommodate you in Hotel Mećavnik****.

4th Day – Bridge Over Drina, Višegrad and Sarajevo

On the fourth day of your Balkan tour you’ll leave Serbia and cross to Bosnia. In Bosnian entity Republika Srpska we’ll stop at town Višegrad, famous for its bridge over river Drina dating from the XVI century. You’ll hear a story about Yugoslavian writer Ivo Andrić who wrote the novel with the same name Bridge Over Drina and won the Nobel Prize in 1962. Here you’ll get on a boat and take a ride on Drina River, to see the town and the old bridge from the water. After the ride you’ll try ćevapčići, Bosnia style, for lunch in Andrićgrad. From Višegrad you’ll continue to Sarajevo on scenic roads following Drina and crossing Romanija Mountain.

Upon arrival in Sarajevo and check-in to Hotel Isa Begov Hamam**** (two nights) you’ll have free time to enjoy Sarajevo’s vibrant life. Tips and recommendations will be provided.

5th Day – Sarajevo Tour

On your Sarajevo tour you’ll explore the old town, famous Baščaršija, with a local guide who will give you not just information, he will share his life experience about living in Sarajevo. You won’t stop at Baščaršija, you’ll explore several sights in and around Sarajevo during the tour and at the end you’ll join #YourSerbiaHost for lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch you have the rest of the day for yourself.

6th Day – Mostar to Trebinje

You’ll leave Sarajevo and continue along the Neretva River all the way to Mostar. This iconic Herzegovina town received world fame thanks to its XVI century stone bridge and charming Ottoman looking old center. You’ll spend a few hours in Mostar to get to know its essential points and then continue to the nearby village Blagaj. Here on the source of river Buna, you’ll enjoy cool breeze and fresh water coming from the cave underneath the rock. On top of that you’ll try local food in a small family owned restaurant. From Blagaj we drive further through Herzegovina and in the afternoon we finish the day in Trebinje, an old and charming town with Mediterranean looks.

Your home for the next two days and nights is Hotel Platani****. Recommendations and tips for restaurants will be provided.

7th Day – Trebinje

On your day in Trebinje you’ll have a walking tour through the old town with a local guide. The guide will introduce you to Trebinje’s most notable old parts: Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian. You will stop at the old Ottoman bridge from the XVI century, where you’ll learn why it didn’t get admitted to UNESCO list, even though it’s beautiful and authentic. Further you’ll be exploring the old Monastery Tvrdoš with authentic wine cellars from the XV century. Today this monastery produces several highly respected wine labels, which you’ll get to try. As the finale of the day, you’ll have lunch in the household in a local village.

After lunch you’ll be taken back to your hotel for some free time. Optionally, in the afternoon/evening we can organize a visit to nearby Dubrovnik in Croatia, which is only half an hour drive from Trebinje (for an extra cost).

8th Day – Trebinje to Kotor

You say goodbye to Trebinje and to Bosnia and Herzegovina. After crossing the border to Montenegro you’ll admire the beauties of another ex Yugoslavia country with a diverse coastal line and breathtaking inland. Our destination in Montenegro this time is the town of Kotor in Boka bay. By far the most interesting destination in this part of the Adriatic coast. After a two hour scenic drive you’ll reach Kotor and your Hotel Monte Cristo****. After check-in you’ll take a walk through the old town of Kotor to explore its most notable landmarks. We’ll make a summary of the day during lunch in the local tavern.

Rest of the day is free for making plans on your own.

9th Day – Kotor to Tirana Over Kruja and Skadar

The 9th day of the Balkans tour will start with a scenic drive along the Montenegrin coast until we set apart to hills to enter Albania. This country which was for a long period behind the “iron curtain” for plenty of travelers is still considered for a deeply isolated and conservative society, but you’ll be surprised. First stop in Albania, after the border, will be the town Skadar (Shkodra) and its historic citadel. Further we’ll take you to lunch in Albanian outback to a farm  where they produce all the food domestically. Next stop is again historic, the Kruja Castle, which symbolizes resistance of Albanian people with its medieval ruler Skender Bey against Ottomans. Finally the drive goes straight to Tirana.

Your Tirana accommodation is Hotel Brilant Antik**** (two nights)Rest of the day you have for yourself to relax or to soak in the vibrant night life of Albania’s capital.

10th Day – Tirana Vibes

In the morning you’ll meet your local guide who will take you on a city tour around Tirana. You’ll learn from the guide about how life was under the regime of Enver Hoxha, how it was during the period of transition and how life is in modern day Albania. After a tour you’ll meet #YourSerbiaHost again and he’ll take you to lunch at a traditional Albanian restaurant to try their cuisine, because what is worth travelling to a country if you don’t eat like a local. Rest of the day after lunch you have free time for your own plans.

11th Day – From Tirana to Ohrid

Day eleven is scheduled for leaving Albania and for meeting another former Yugoslavian republic, North Macedonia. Country with a disputed name, but with great nature, history and on top of it all, great people. A drive through Albanian mountains will give you an idea how this country managed to be isolated for so long. After you cross one of those you’ll enter North Macedonia and reach the beautiful Monastery St. Naum on the shores of the lake Ohrid. 

After monastery and lunch in a nearby restaurant we’ll take you to the other side of the lake, to the town Ohrid. Here you’ll check in to Hotel City Palace**** which will be your accommodation for the next two nights.

12th Day – Ohrid and the Vicinity

This day is reserved for exploration of old town Ohrid and village Vevčani, located half an hour drive from Ohrid. First thing to visit is Samuilo’s Fortress, the main landmark of Ohrid. Further on the itinerary are old sites and churches scattered around the hill above modern Ohrid. When we finish with this part of the day we’ll take you to Vevčani, a village unknown to the majority of tourists. This place has its charms and interesting people, as well as pure water and intact nature. You’ll hear a story about their declaration of independence in the ’90s and establishing local currency. You’ll have lunch here on the springs of pure mountain water. After lunch we’ll get you back to Ohrid.

Tips and recommendations about what to try in Ohrid restaurants will be provided.

13th day – Matka Canyon and Skopje

On the day ahead you’ll visit one very special place on the way to Skopje, the Matka Canyon, a beautiful canyon of river Treska. You’ll take a short boat ride to a cave which holds cave jewelry and a population of bats. After a boat ride you’ll have lunch in a local restaurant right in the canyon, views from its terrace are the right spot to relax and enjoy local dishes. After lunch you’ll continue to Skopje which is only 30 minutes away.

Upon check-in to Hotel Aleksandar Square****, located on the main city square, we suggest a walk around the city center to explore Skopje’s disputed architecture. Rest of the evening you have free time.

14th day – Departure

This is the day when your private tour in the Balkans ends. Here we’ll say farewell at Skopje airport, Alexander the Great. Depending on your flight arrangement you can spend some time shopping or wandering around Skopje’s vibrant streets.

End of the tour

Good to Know

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Tour language
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Local guiding
#YourSerbiaHost will be with you during the whole tour. During the leg of the tour in Serbia he will be your guide and driver, while during travel through countries outside of Serbia he will act as a tour leader (and driver), but you’ll have a local guide in Sarajevo, Trebinje and Tirana. If you want to have local guides on other points on the itinerary please state that in the inquiry.
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March 7, 2022
First we have to say that this was the best private tour ever and we have had quite a few, since we are world travelers. Our private tour was the Western Balkans for two weeks and we enjoyed our trip to the fullest. Andrija was our tour guide/driver and he was outstanding. By the end of the tour, he was more like a close friend/family member for us. He took very good care of every possible detail in order to accommodate us and made our trip wonderful. They hand pick every place so well that even the most demanding traveler will be satisfied including my picky husband. LOL All cities, towns and historic sites were incredible; we also met up with other excellent tour guides in Trebinje, Tirana and Emir in Sarajevo who was particularly fun. The culinary experience was fantastic and all restaurants were just as good as the trip itself. Miljan made booking easy since with all the preparation especially answering questions and his customer service was impeccable. The vehicle used was very comfortable and Andrija always kept it nice and clean. Hotel locations were also great all had air conditioning and WIFI. We particularly loved the one in Old Town Kotor while staying at Kustendorf it was a very nice experience as well. Overall my husband and I can’t say enough about our experience and look forward to booking once again with Serbian Private Tours in the very near future.

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

May 26, 2021
Review Serbian Private Tours Excellent service, every detail managed We were scheduled for 3 week Balkan Tour (Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia) in spring os 2020 when pandemic struck. Miljan worked diligently with us to reschedule for fall of 2020 but of course we had to reschedule once again for spring of 2021. Throughout this time he stayed in contact and professionally rearranged every detail. After we were vaccinated with his patience and reassurance we took the plunge and went. We just completed the trip in May 2021! Upon arrival and throughout entire trip every detail was managed by guide Andrija with Miljan checking in with us periodically to confirm all was going well. All the hotels were small local operations in good locations....clean, secure with good breakfasts. The daily afternoon meals were incredibly good....Not regular tourist restaurants but consistently outstanding! All local tour guides were very knowledgeable and spoke English well. Andrija was readily available to us even when we were with local guides and always ready to assist with our unexpected needs. Each day he had our vehicle cleaned even when it was raining. He is extremely knowledgeable and very patient.Truly the best guide we have ever had in all our of our travels In conclusion this company is of the highest quality and best value any travelers could possibly desire. Don’t hesitate to use them your experience will be fantastic!! Thank you Serbian Private Tours for a wonderful experience!!

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

Peter K
September 23, 2019
Can't say enough about Miljan and Andrija! We did the 2 week Western Balkans Tour (Belgrade-Visegrad-Sarajevo-Trebinje-Kotor-Tirana-Ohrid-Skopje). From my first pre-booking inquiry to a check in after our arrival home, Miljan was responsive, friendly, and epitomized Balkan hospitality. He even helped me find a tour guide for the subsequent part of our trip in Turkey. Andrija was *stuck* in a car with us for two weeks, but by end we felt like friends. He handled all three of us getting sick without missing a beat. The parking job he did at Shkoder fortress was unbelievable. He managed to get a number of fantastic photos of us, despite our camera shyness. We came to learn about Balkan culture as well as take in the sights, and he was a true ambassador. He kept us fed, watered, and tired! But all the little things, from helping with our bags to extra bottles of water, allowed us to have a truly amazing experience. We couldn't imagine booking a Balkans tour without Miljan, and we would go anywhere with Andrija.

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

June 19, 2019
My wife and I have just completed a two week private tour of the Western Balkans with Miljan. We cannot recommend the tour or Miljan highly enough. He looked after us brilliantly, combining great professionalism with a warm personality and great sense of humour. It was like traveling with an old friend. Six countries in fourteen days; a real eye-opener to a region we had not previously visited. Miljan also engaged local guides in places like Sarajevo, Mostar and Kosovo who provided their own personal perspectives as well as the usual factual info. The tour is fully customisable and delivered exactly what we wanted and more.

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.


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