Languages in these areas have been matter of dispute in last 25 years, solely from political reasons. If you had travelled these areas 30 years ago you certainly remember that we used only one language back then, Serbo-Croatian (or Croatian-Serbian if you were in Croatia), which was actually the same language spoken in Serbia and Croatia, with local dialect differences. Today, we managed to produce additional two languages, Bosnian and Montenegrin, which are not different from above two, Serbian or Croatian, aside of dialect. So we all speak the same language, we just call it differently. The real difference was always in alphabet used, Orthodox population would use Cyrillic, while Catholic population would use Latin alphabet. With this tour you will learn about roots of Serbian Cyrillic alphabet and how the language of common people became literary language of Serbs and later of all other people leaving in these areas, just with the different name.

You will meet #YourSerbiaHost at your hotel or other place of your stay in Belgrade and you will continue together towards West of Serbia. First place where you’ll stop on this tour will be mountain Gučevo where the first trench battle in the WWI occurred, between Austro-Hungarian and Serbian forces. From the tip of the mountain and in front of the ossuary you’ll learn why this battle was significant for later course of war and what the sacrifice that Serbian soldiers had to bear was.

From Gučevo we’ll continue to the village Tršić which is relevant for our tour, but most of all, for Serbian alphabet and for modern Serbian language. In this village in 1787 Vuk Karadžić was born, he was the reformer of Serbian language and the one who made Serbian alphabet so simple and introduced the rule: “read as it’s written, write as it’s spoken”. We will visit his birth house, which is now a museum dedicated to his life. Here you’ll learn about the humble way of life in Vuk’s childhood, when nowadays Serbia was part of Ottoman Empire.

After visit to the museum we’ll stop by to local household for a break and typical welcome treat in Serbia (slatko and coffee) before we continue to the monastery Tronoša where Vuk received his basic education and where he started to dream about transformation of the language. If you are up to for some walking through woods we can take a walk (an hour) to the monastery through beautiful forest from Tršić, if not, we’ll drive to there. After visit to Tronoša monastery we’ll get back to the household Mišić for a local lunch. In interaction with our hosts you’ll learn about the way of life in this rural area of Serbia.

After lunch it’s time to get back to Belgrade, we’ll arrive to the city in the evening.

Journey plan given in this tour description is not fixed, it’s just result of our perception of most interesting points on this route and result of our own experience. In any moment we can alter the route and adjust it to interests and wishes of travellers.

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May 12, 2017
This was a fascinating day tour from Belgrade which took our family group of three (ranging in age from 23 to 63) in a south westerly direction from Belgrade across the Mačva plain to the beautiful countryside of West Serbia around the Drina river, Jadar district and Cer mountain. Dobri, our English speaking host for the day, was an expert and knowledgeable guide and a great travelling companion. The energy, commitment and patience he showed in meeting our requests was outstanding.

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.


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