Belgrade, one of the oldest cities in Europe was for centuries a border between Islam and Christianity as well as a border between Western and Eastern Europe. During this tour you will find out more about differences between these two civilizations, so close regarding distance, yet so distant in everything else. Belgrade fortress and Zemun are places where differences are obvious even today.

We will start the tour from the arranged point and drive to the Belgrade fortress. During our walk through the fortress you’ll hear many Turkish words like: sahat tower, turbe, stambol gate… Each of these words indicates to the important parts of the fortress. Which are they, you’ll discover on the way. Of course, if you want to find out more about the history of the fortress, we will tell you stories about period when fortress was a Roman military camp, or about unusual Ruzica church. Also, you’ll enjoy the most impressive view of the confluence of two rivers, Sava and Danube.

On our way to Zemun, but still in the part of the city influenced by Ottomans, we’ll pass through Kosancicev venac, Serbian quarter developed under Ottoman rule, with its most impressive sights: Orthodox Cathedral, Residence of princess Ljubica, Patriarchy and the Tavern “?”.

Finally we will reach Zemun, the town within a town. Today, it is known by its amazing restaurants and taverns, but only a century ago it was part of a powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire. The most interesting and intriguing part of Zemun is Gardoš with its old houses, churches and hidden corners. Here you can feel the spirit of a local life and you’ll get an impression that time here runs slower. This is probably because people are more relaxed than in the busy streets of Belgrade. At the very top of Gardoš is located the Millennium tower which oversees the area. It was constructed by Hungarians in order to mark one thousand years of rule in this territory. Only five towers like this are constructed in the world. From this place you’ll enjoy breathtaking view of Zemun and the Danube.

After our visit to Gardoš, we will probably need a break at one of the local cafés or taverns. We know just the right place with a great view and a fabulous menu…

Tour plan given in this description is not fixed, it’s just result of our perception of most interesting points on this rout and result of our own experience. In any moment we can alter the route and adjust it to interests and wishes of travellers.


July 11, 2017
Did "Between Between Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians" with Slobodan. Wonderful history tour. Some of the locations were closed due to it being early Sunday morning, a time I chose to be in the cool of the day, but that didn't matter. I wanted to get a sense of the scope of Belgrade history and Slobodan delivered. The best part was listening to the history of the region from two overlooks, Belgrade Fortress and Gardos Tower as we gazed out at the land and cityscapes. Recommended for history buffs. The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.
December 13, 2016
We went on the 4 hour "Belgrade between Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians" tour. Our tour guide was Miljan and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. He picked us up from our accommodation (car was nice and clean, he had water for us) and he made sure we had an excellent experience. Miljan shared very interesting stories about Belgrade, Serbia, history, culture, suggested more places to see, where to eat...I would highly recommend "Serbian Private Tours" and Miljan to everybody who is visiting Serbia. Thank you again, Miljan, keep up the amazing job!

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

August 27, 2016
I want to say thanks a lot to our guide in Beograd and Novi Sad Dobri Jancovic. He showed us a lot of interesting places and a lot of historical findings in your beautiful country. We came from St-Petersburg, Russia specially to vizit this nice places and we were only two days in blooming Serbia. I can recommend walking tours with Dobri and hope to come to vizit Serbia again.

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

Andrew S
September 8, 2015
Dana took me around Belgrade for a daytrip around the city. She is very knowledgeable about the city and Serbian history. It was a really great day and she and Miljan really facilitated a great tour. I'd highly recommend this company!!

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

May 28, 2015
We visited Belgrade for the first time and it was only a short weekend. That’s why we have chosen for a private tour. We got more than we expected. We started at the Kalemegdan Park and the Belgrade fortress, enjoyed the amazing views and we heard a lot about the long history of Belgrade and Serbia. Then we drove to Zemun and walked around the old city. Zemun It is a lovely place, don't miss it if your are in Belgrade. We enjoyed a lot the whole tour. Dana was an excellent guide, she knows a lot about Belgrade. In Zemun brought us to a small cafe, probably only local knows. Dana is not only a very good guide but she is a really nice person, after a few minutes it felt like that we have a friend in Belgrade. After the tour she helped us to find a nice place to enjoy the ambiance of this lively city and she even joined us a for a drink. She also recommended places to see on the next day. Thank you Dana for the wonderful day. We can't wait to come back and discover more in Serbia.

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link


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