Lepenski Vir & Iron Gate

Time travel through the roots of European civilization    Lepenski Vir and Iron Gate - Cradle of civilization

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This Danube rout links different points in time and like a time machine opens path through history of this part of Europe. Natural characteristics of Iron Gate are the main cause of vibrant history of this part of Danube course.

Tour starts from arranged place in early morning hours and after two hour drive through the very heart of Braničevo county we reach bank of Danube and town of Golubac in which vicinity lays Golubac fortress. Medieval town is placed at the entrance of Iron Gate and touches Danube waters with part of the walls. Many legends are connected with this fortress and four of them are in relation with its name. There are no reliable data about fortification’s construction date, only assumption that it was built in the 13th century. Only known fact is that there were four different nations ruling over Golubac fortress, Serbs, Turks, Austrians and Hungarians. Unfortunately in modern times this place is not receiving much of attention as it should, it’s left to the mercy of nature, which fortunately didn’t leave many marks and this is one of the most preserved medieval fortresses on the Danube.

Straight from Golubac we continue down the Danube road and after 30 minutes we arrive to Lepenski vir – the oldest organized settlement in Europe. Settlement was founded around 7000 BC and lasted till 4500 BC when people of Lepenski vir moved on to the world in search of bigger arable land. Archaeological site is in perfect condition and it consists of several parts. Uniqueness of this place, in archaeological sense, is the fact that the whole settlement was moved from its original location retaining absolutely the same items and setup from time when people of Lepenski vir lived there. All items and elements are completely authentic. In the visitor centre there is also a fascinating museum exhibition with objects and human remains found in the village which are exquisitely preserved. Video projection, holographic display, 3D interactive application are additional amenities which will take you millenniums back.

Road takes us further through town of Donji Milanovac towards the prettiest part of Iron Gate, gorges Mali and Veliki kazan. For fit ones we can arrange climb to viewpoint Ploče from which the most fascinating views towards Iron Gate can be seen. This is the place were all famous photos of the gorge were taken.   

After walking and enjoying the views we stop for deserved lunch break. Best possible place to experience local hospitality, food and charm is Captain’s Misa Hill ethno complex where kind hosts serve traditional local food in authentic surroundings with most fascinating view. 

After lunch we are getting back to Belgrade where we arrive in the evening.

Journey plan given in this tour description is not fixed, it’s just result of our perception of most interesting points on this rout and result of our own experience. In any moment we can alter the rout and adjust it to interests and wishes of travellers.

What`s included in price? Additional costs
 Transportation Entry to Lepenski Vir - 4€ per person
 Driver/guide service Visit to viewpoint Ploče - 2€ per person
 Tour organization
Lunch ~ 12€ per person*
 Refreshements during journey  

* Price shown is an average price for lunch per person based on restaurant’s menu, but it can vary depending on guest’s demands for food and drinks. 


199 €

1-3 persons

Price is per tour, not per person.

329 €

4-6 persons

Price is per tour, not per person.

399 €

7-8 persons

Price is per tour, not per person.

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Joerg Lotthammer


We did this well-organized tour with our 2-year-old son. No problem with Serbian Private Tours. They even provided a baby seat for us. Great service and knowledge of tour guide Miljan. Thank you for this great day.

Leeah Lee


It was one of the best trips I have ever had. Serbia is a very beautiful country, but the person who guided me, Miljan, made the trip unforgettable. My trip started with Miljan`s warm welcoming greeting at the airport. He surely enjoyed what he was doing, and was very knowledgeable about the trip courses, history and so on. He tried to accommodate and customize the trip as much as possible and always made sure I am good. Beautiful place with awesome guide! Definitely 5 stars!!!

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