Meet East Serbia and its highlights with this self-guided tour. East Serbia self-guided tour promises a great experience with an excellent itinerary and lots of attractions. If you are looking for a more relaxed tour with a wine experience check out the Wine Region Self-guided Tour.

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What to expect from East Serbia self-guided tour?

Expect all the best that Serbia has to offer. From medieval monasteries, intact nature, breath-taking views to cultural heritage and historical sights. From this tour, you can expect a great combination of different experiences and activities. East Serbia self-guided tour combines the pure nature of this area with a spiritual and cultural experience.

Our task is to provide an itinerary with all the information and contacts, accommodation, lunches, and recommendations. Yours is just to enjoy the adventure.

Tour flow

1st Day – Monasteries Manasija and Ravanica, Resava cave and Veliki Buk Waterfall

Your East Serbia self-guided tour starts with visiting the monumental Monastery Manasija. This spiritual place was built in the XIV century by Serbian ruler Despot Stefan Lazarevic and represents one of the best-preserved medieval fortifications in Serbia. Here you will learn more about Despot Stefan, his interesting life, and why he was considered one of the greatest knights in Europe at that time.

From Manasija road will take you to your next stop- Resava cave. This amazing cave is one of the biggest and most beautiful caves in Serbia. Inside you will find plenty of rich decoration (stalagmites and stalactites) which is more than 40. million years old. For visitors, there are 4 different halls to explore with a total length of around 800m and two levels.

After cave exploration it will be time for lunch and your next stop will be a perfect place to eat. Surrounded by intact nature and near the charming Veliki Buk waterfall, you will find a cute restaurant with amazing domestic food.

The next stop after tasty lunch will be another beautiful medieval monastery. Ravanica Monastery is considered one of the most important Serbian monasteries and it is mentioned in many Serbian folk poems. The reason for that is its founder Knez Lazar – legendary Serbian ruler who led the Serbian army in the famous Kosovo battle in 1389 against the Ottoman empire. His cult and holy relics are one of the reasons why this monastery attracts people from all over the world.

After all these sights your last stop for this day will be village Ilino near Rtanj Mountain where you will be accommodated for the next two nights. Amazing complex Rtanjski dvori promises great hospitality, tasty domestic food, and true rest in this peaceful village.

2nd Day – Rtanj Mountain hike

The second day is reserved for exploring the mysterious pyramid shape Mountain Rtanj. After breakfast, your local mountain guide will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to the starting point of your hike. With your guide, you will take the southern trail which is considered the least demanding. The hike to the summit is approximately 3 hours with few stops to rest and to take some amazing photos over the area.

The trail has 2 portions, first is about 1000 meters of elevation through the nice green forest. The second part of the trail is quite steep, so overcoming the last 500m of elevation difference will be the most exhausting, but also the most fulfilling thanks to breathtaking views. The summit is really unique since Rtanj Mountain is the highest point in kilometers around. The name of the highest peak of Rtanj is Šiljak (Spike) and the elevation is 1560m a.s.l.

After exploring Rtanj you can drop by to hotel Ramonda and treat yourself to some relaxing SPA treatment. The rest of your day you can spend on your own, enjoying nature or napping at your comfortable accommodation.

3rd Day – Felix Romuiana, Iron Gates Gorge, and Golubac Fortress

Last day of the East Serbia self-guided tour you will meet some very interesting cultural sights in this area. After a rich and tasty breakfast, you will say goodbye to your host and take the road to a nearby UNESCO-listed site- Felix Romuliana.

This beautiful Roman palace was build in the IV century by emperor Galerius for his retirement days and represents one of the best-preserved Roman palaces from that period. For more information, a local guide will share interesting stories about Galerius and his mother Romula (the whole place was named after her). In 2007 Romuliana was listed as a UNESCO cultural good.

When you finish wandering around Romuliana you will continue to Iron Gates gorge (the biggest gorge in Europe) where several interesting sights are located. Through the gorge flows the Danube river (2nd longest river in Europe) and creates a natural border between Serbia and Romania.

The first stop in the Iron Gates gorge will be the lovely local household “Kapetan Mišin breg”. Here you will enjoy the fascinating view over the Danube while having a great traditional meal.

From this amazing place, you have less than half an hour to reach the prehistoric site Lepenski vir. This site is considered to be the oldest organized human settlement in Europe and was founded around 7000 BC and lasted till 4500 BC when the people of Lepenski vir moved on to the world. Museum has a great exhibition with lots of authentic items, 3D interactive panels, a video projection hall, and a completely preserved archaeological site which will take you back to prehistoric time.

After Lepenski vir next stop will be the mighty Golubac fortress which stands as an entrance keeper to Iron Gates gorge. History has no record of when this fortress was build but it is known that Hungarian knights were stationed over here in 1335. Because of its important location, Golubac was always a point of interest for invaders and many legends were inspired by this fortress. Today Golubac attracts visitors from all over the world with its beauty and interesting museum exhibitions. You will explore 3 towers and a visitor center from where you can enjoy the magnificent view over the widest point of the Danube (6km wide).

Here your East Serbia self-guided tour officially ends and you can continue on your own further trip, of course, more tips and recommendations will be provided if needed.

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You will receive detailed tour plan with all information, contacts, addresses, GPS coordinates and instructions on how to find your ways around. It’ll also include basic explanations about the sites and attractions.
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