Belgrade Fortress is definitely the most known and the most popular attraction of the city of Belgrade. Not visiting the fortress is like you never visited Belgrade. That’s the reason why we’ve created this virtual live tour, to allow you to experience Belgrade Fortress like you are here in person.

What to expect during the Belgrade Fortress virtual live tour?

Spend an hour exploring Belgrade Fortress with a guide in a direct live tour. See several iconic locations and landmarks of Belgrade. Learn from the locals about the city and the fortress. Experience breathtaking views over the confluence of two rivers: Sava and Danube. Ask questions, hear local stories, learn from personal experience of the guide.

Tour flow

You will meet not with one, but two #YourSerbiaHost at appointed time. One as a moderator, the other as a guide on the location. At the beginning of the tour you’ll get insights about the city and the tour’s concept. After the introduction and greetings you’ll be exploring the Upper Town from the Roman times to present.

Along the way you’ll hear stories about the Ottoman Turks, Hungarians, Austrians, Serbs, Americans, basketball players and more. All of that substantiated with in person explanation and live broadcast. On top of that you will compare past and present from archive photos which we will share during the tour.

The tour consists of five main attractions in the fortress: Zindan Gate, Ružica Church, Victor Monument, Military Museum and Kalemegdan park. After the official part is completed we’ll have a relaxed Q&A part of the tour where you can ask questions and discuss about the tour or anything else related to Belgrade.

This virtual live tour will be recorded, so you’ll receive the link after the tour to download it for your own archive.

Good to know

Fit the tour to match your needs
If you book this tour as a private one, we can fit it to your needs. The shared one is with a fixed itinerary.
Private or shared
The tour can be booked as a private or as shared. Private one is scheduled at the time of your choice (during the local daytime). Serbia is in the CET time zone. While the shared one has two start times. Make this selection during the booking process.
Technical requirements
In order to attend the live virtual tour you need a computer/tablet/smartphone with internet connection. Requirement of the internet connection is minimum 3Mbps download/upload.
Tour language
Default language of the tour is English, but if you require #YourSerbiaHost can also give you tour in Russian, German, French, Spanish and of course Serbian. Subject to availability.
How to get in touch
There are several ways to reach us. By pressing “Send inquiry” button on the top right of this page (or at the bottom of the page if you are using mobile device). Through our Contact page, or calling our Phone|WhatsApp|Viber number +38163684466.
Attending the tour
Upon booking the tour you will receive a link with the invitation to attend the event. At the time of the tour simply click on the link and you’ll be automatically taken to the location.
Booking the tour
Easiest way to to book this tour is to use our online booking and payment system. As soon as you click on “Book now” button bellow you’ll start reservation process over encrypted connection. If you need another way to book the tour Contact us.
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Josipa P
July 2, 2020
Belgrade Private tour was very enjoyable and informative. Apart from a great guide (Andrija) I also liked all archive photos that were presented by the moderator (Miljan). Duration of the tour was just perfect-not too short and not too long and I would recommend it to everyone interested to learn something about history of Belgrade.

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.

Billy M
July 1, 2020
Andrija and Miljan were both excellent hosts for this new type of tour. I have been to Belgrade before and this tour brought me right back to being in Belgrade again. I really liked the concept, and was just as impressed even if it was a virtual tour. They both could still provide a great tour without you having to physically be there. I was surprised at how great the internet connection was, it was no hassle at all! It was also great that while Andrija was moving around the fortress, Miljan was able to provide information, without there having to be a silent pause- they clearly thought this through, and it really worked! I cannot wait for any other virtual tours, that they will provide. I think for people who love to travel like myself, this will be the way of getting to experience “travelling” until this pandemic situation slows down. So, Hvala to Miljan and Andrija for helping with the motivation to still travel! (even if I am in my house).

The comment is taken from TripAdvisor review page connected to our service, to see the source follow this link.


Available departures

This is a daily tour.

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment

Details on prices and services

Tour prices:
Private tour 49€ for up to five people at the same time
Shared tour 19€ per person*
*Maximum of eight participants at the same time for the shared tour. No minimum required.
Services included in the price:
In person live stream
Use of live meeting software
Technical assistance if needed
Video recording of the tour
What is extra:
No extras